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Fame Publish (stylised as FAMEPublish) is an Indian online magazine owned by FAME Internet. It specializes in creating, distributing, and measuring the distribution of youth stories, press releases, and achievements, and multimedia content to media, social platforms, and other key audiences in India and around the globe.

The company provides press release and publicity services to its clients, targets the talented Indian community. But recently it has also started publishing non-Indian businesses that have an interest in Indian press releases. It provides digital technology and media to support individuals struggling to find success.

FAMEPublish team comprises professionals who have a wealth of experience in the media industry and are passionate about their work. FAMEPublish provides PR to Musical Artists, Actors, Influencers, Achievers, YouTubers, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, and Digital Marketing Professionals a trustworthy press distribution platform to simplify their media outreach at reasonable costs.

The website was launched in January 2012 by its founder Pratap Singh, headquartered at New Delhi. Later the online magazine was led by his son Sunil Butolia and acquired by FAME Internet.

FAME Publish is one of the leading news websites in the industry which covers everything related to Entertainment and Celebrity news around the world.

We make sure that each and every business gets covered by us at FAME Publish. We also ensure that the developments that are important globally should also be covered in our publication.

On the other hand, Startups are the stepping stone to how a company grows and we want to make sure that we follow its track quite carefully and let you know every detail regarding that startup as well.

All the companies that have made it big in the industry were also a startup at some point in their career which means that the importance of a startup in industry is huge.

We do know that not every startup goes on to become successful but it is our duty to cover every startup around the world that might have a unique idea which sets them apart and gives them success.

As far as reporting on FAME Publish is concerned, we have an expert team of editors who are always on the lookout for the latest news and developments related to Business and Startups so that they can be served to you as soon as possible. Learn more

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