FAME Publish
A women centric celebrity and entertainment magazine that features music, fashion, lifestyle and much more.

About Us


FAME Publish is one of the fastest growing media and entertainment companies in India in the space of online publishing, brand promotion and press release. FAME Publish is a media devision of FAME Internet Technologies, a leading digital marketing company in India, with interests throughout print, digital and mobile, making it among the largest media businesses in the country.

Widespread Reach

FAME Publish is a widely read website covering Bollywood and entertainment news. FAME Publish features stories of actors, artists, musicians and all other individuals from the entertainment and lifestyles categories around the world.

FAME Publish reaches out to millions of monthly users via its websites, app and social media pages.

What we covers

FAME Publish focuses solely on the stories of artists, celebrities, musicians, entertainers, athletes, internet influencers and also features their behind the scenes photographs.

FAME Publish is well-trusted digital magazine to present an everyday entertainment section with in-depth and accurate news about the tv, web and movie market, making Hitlist a game-changer in daily journalism.

Our Founder

Sunil Butolia is the founder of FAME Publish, he founded famepublish.com in January 2020 to help entrepreneurs, startups and individuals from entertainment category.

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