‘Kar Fateh India’ from Siddharth Mahadevan and Om Bhalerao


As we navigate the second wave of the pandemic as well as wish to venture right into the vibrancy of the new typical, a 17-year-old singer, Om Bhalerao, along with popular Indian film composer, Siddharth Mahadevan, has launched a sincere anthem, ‘Kar Fateh India‘ – an ode of hope, motivation and also silver linings.

Om Bhalero and also Siddharth Mahadevan launch the Kar Fateh India anthem Composed by Mir Desai, the anthem intends to uplift the people and also steer the country together towards a brighter future. After a lengthy battle against COVID-19, our nation seems finally all set to breathe easy once again. This anthem pays a tribute to our battles, victories, losses as well as collective fight. It is a modest effort to encourage as well as motivate business in the nation

as well as to bring all people with each other from different sectors to find forth so our economy begins prospering back once again. A persisting expression in the lyrics of the anthem- ‘Kar Fateh Tu’-spruces up the audience as well as raises feelings of positivity and also hopefulness

. Other knowledgeables highlight the hardships and triumphes of our nation, instilling courage and zeal in audiences. Supremely subtle in its implementation, the tune of the anthem is an excellent combinations of classic and contemporary.It stimulates the feeling of peace and, all at once, allows the listener to introspect

on its significant verses. Debutant vocalistOm Bhalerao as well as veteran musician Siddharth Mahadevan lag the anthem’s harmonic vocals. With euphonious voices and relaxing guitar riffs, the vocalists have revealed individuals’the light at the end of the tunnel ‘via their sincere anthem. Talking on this offering, Om Bhalerao, stated,” This anthem is a special attempt to steer the country with each other towards the post-pandemic globe, smoothly and also with utmost caution. Vaccination is extremely essential if we want normalcy to be restored. Via this song, we look for to enlighten and inspire people to obtain

vaccinated. We additionally want to aid them manage their troubles in these attempting times. All of us have been through this with each other and also it’s time we leave of it with each other, whilst applauding one another along the road. “Including in this, Film Composer Siddharth Mahadevan mentioned,”This anthem will instil the much-needed positivity in individuals and enable them to rely on themselves once more. The touching lyrics as well as the comforting songs will motivate them to banish gloom and also welcome hopefulness. This tune

is extremely near my heart and I am fervently hoping it touches every soul and motivates them to stroll on with nerve and assistance make our globe COVID-free. “The anthem represents an earnest payment from

these singers to encourage the entire country as well as influence people to get vaccinated since that is the only means to conquer this pandemic.’Kar Fateh India’is streaming on: YouTube: youtu.be/ ytTe_snxMms.