RED FM Announces ‘The Audio Film Project’ with Vikram Bhatt


93.5 RED FM, India’s leading private radio and home entertainment network today revealed ‘The Audio Film Project‘ beginning 26th July 2021. The show will have ace Bollywood Director, Vikram Bhatt telling high intensity horror and thriller stories on air to give listeners a never-before experience in the kind of audio films.

RED FM Announces ‘The Audio Film Project’ with Vikram Bhatt

The Audio Film Project Scary and thriller have long been audio storytelling’s most popular genres.

In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of audio storytelling and RED FMhas been a pioneer when it concerns developing unique sound experiences. This time with’The Audio Film Project’with Vikram Bhatt, RED FM is try out the imagination, which needs to play an important element into how deeply the story affects the listeners. Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM and Magic FM, said,”Audio is a personalised type of storytelling, and the tradition is ingrained in Indias material. It is also among the most powerful material formats on radio. As a brand we have actually done multiple projects with the art of narrative and got a lot of appreciation for the same. Now, we bring to you ‘The Audio Film Project’with among the stalwarts of the Hindi movie industry, Vikram Bhatt.

He has actually constructed a legacy of films in thearea of scary and thrillers and our listeners are in for a great deal of thrill and spinal column chilling content. We really hope this is the beginning of an advancement of brand-new formats being explored on FM radio and its here to remain.”Talking about the initiative, Vikram Bhatt, stated,”Have you ever felt that the book was much better than the movie Have you ever felt more afraid while hearing a ghost story than seeing one I am specific you have and the factor is that imagination sees more than the eyes can ever see. I have now teamed up with RED FM for The Audio Film Project that aims at

producing a distinct experience for radio listeners. It focuses on storytelling and live narration that will provide listeners an experience of stories strongly through the audio format. “‘The Audio Film Project’with Vikram Bhatt will

be aired on RED FM every Monday-Saturday at 9 PM. Likewise readily available on RED FM India app and all leading podcast platforms. About 93.5 RED FM We are Irreverent; we are young, fashionable and cool. We are the voice of today’s Millennial. We are among the biggest radio networks in the nation. We are RED FM. Based on the worldwide effective CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio)format we play just Super Hit music. With the brand name philosophy and mindset that is’Bajaate Raho!’at RED FM we always speak up for the right, for the people. Our listeners are at the heart of whatever we do therefore we arecalled the’station for expression ‘by establishing an emotional connect with them. We do things differently; we don’t follow the herd and its testament to the reality that RED FM boasts of over 433 award winning campaigns consisting of BEST BRAND, BEST FM STATION & BEST RJs.