130th Canton Fair to be held both online and offline


GUANGZHOU, China, July 22, 2021/ PRNewswire/– The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be kept in a merged format, both online and offline, between October 15 and November 3, 2021. This edition of the Canton Fair will feature display screens in 51 exhibition areas based upon 16 item classifications in addition to a designated “rural vitalization zone” showcasing items from numerous backwoods of China and will be open to visitors both practically and in-person.

The onsite exhibition will continue to be kept in its familiar three-phase format, with each phase lasting 4 days. Overall exhibit space is 1.185 million square meters and around 60,000 basic booths are expected to fill this massive area. Chinese representatives of overseas organizations and business, along with domestic buyers, are all invited to go to the Fair. The Fair’s online exhibition website has actually developed innovative functionality which perfectly combines the onsite eventspace allowing increased varieties of visitors to participate in the offline variation of the Fair. Canton Fairis an extensive global trading event with the longest history, greatest scale, the majority of total range of displays, and the biggest organization turnover in China. With this year being the centenary of the Communist Party of China, the 130th Canton Fair is of great significance. The Ministry of Commerce will work closely with the Guangdong Provincial Government to boost and accelerate the various strategies that remain in place including exhibit organization, event activities in addition to further solidifying Canton Fair’s role as a platform for all-round development while combining the excellent gains made in COVID-19 avoidance and control. From a social and economic development perspective, the Fair will serve to boost the new

national advancement pattern which sees domestic financial blood circulation as the mainstay while both domestic and international economic blood circulations at the same time strengthen

each other. Chinese and worldwide companies are welcome to check out the grand event that is the 130th Canton Fair and

together everybody

can help to produce abetter future. China Foreign Trade Centre Picture-https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1578593/1.jpg