ANAROCK to Launch AI PropTech to Boost Housing Sales by 15 percent


ANAROCK, Indias leading tech-driven property services consultancy, will soon launch India’s very first Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) PropTech solution ASTRA to boost primary housing sales by as much as 15%.

Established over two years by ANAROCK and its Data Analytics partner G-Square Solutions, ASTRA accelerates real estate sales and improves income turnover by 12-15%. The systems algorithm analyses customer behaviour data to yield highly precise leads, therefore boosting marketing efficiency, minimizing expenses, and providing an engaged user experience to developers and their clients. ANAROCK is the first Indian realty services company to offer this innovative Digitech option to its designer customers.


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Anuj Puri, Chairman, ANAROCK Anuj Puri, Chairman, ANAROCK says, “We began establishing the ASTRA Artificial Intelligence models in 2019, setting up

several models across different types of property tasks across India.Now in its last development stage, ASTRA will offer developers a 20-fold return on their financial investment in this AI-driven platform. “Sunil Mishra, Group Chief Strategy Officer, ANAROCK said,”To put it in numbers-when used by Indias top gamers who command 50%of market sales share, ASTRA will increase sales by at least 10%. The extra 12500 systems therefore sold will add INR 6000 Cr. of extra turnover each year. ASTRA utilizes predictive analysis that processes multiple customer behaviours and information indicate instantly provide the greatest quality leads, while sales groups can hence focus their attention on enquiries with the highest conversion possibility. However thats not all-ASTRA further analyses less-probable causes separate those likeliest to lead to transactions.” “ASTRA, a Sanskrit word, will offer an additional armour for our Indian designers, therefore offering a remarkable experience to their home buyers,”includes Mishra.< img alt=" "src=""design= "width: 300px; height: 159px; border-width: 1px; border-style: strong; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;"/ > ASTRA Logo ASTRA is developed on consumer behaviour

information from 2.8 countless ANAROCKs own qualified leads and uses 74 various models to fit various sizes of realty jobs in numerous stages of conclusion, across numerous cities. PropTech is the future of real estate. According to Deloitte, PropTech start-ups raised as much as $43 billion in funding in 2012

and by 2018, this increased by an enormous 82%. Consumer data analysis company Statista finds that the overall value of global PropTech offers from 2013-2020 was around USD 33 billion. PropTech is not simply a First World phenomenon anymore. Even nations like Israel, which now has over 400 related R&D hubs, are

now occurring PropTech hotbeds. With its wealth of technical abilities, India is effectively positioned to end up being the next PropTech hub.”ASTRA-literally a high-impact weapon of triumph for developers as the Sanskrit name indicates-comes bundled with hands-on training and 24/7professional tech support and is a completely protected platform developed through our exclusiveAI &ML tools,”states Gurpreet Singh, Director & Co-founder, G-Square Solutions.”Developers maintain complete control of their leads information. The system does not require client contact details to evaluate leads -rather, it crunches information of micro-market catchment characteristics, local cost level of sensitivity, historic sales patterns, and the impact of upcoming facilities and local policies. By increasing site go to steps and enhancing market-led cashflows

, ASTRA likewise lowers developers cost of debt.”While ANAROCK will use the fundamental ASTRA model as the Firm’s primary sales motorist going forward, designers can purchase sophisticated bespoke versions customised to projects mandated with ANAROCK. ASTRA will present for active business adoption by September 2021. About ANAROCK


is India’s leading independent realty services company with an existence throughout India and the Middle East. The Company has actually diversified interests throughout the real estate lifecycle and releases its exclusive innovation platform to speed up marketing and sales. The ANAROCK services suite includes Residential Broking & Technology, Retail (in partnership with Vindico), Commercial, Investment Banking, Hospitality (in collaboration with HVS), Land Services, Industrial and Logistics (in collaboration with Binswanger), Investment Management, Research, Strategic Advisory & Valuations and Project Management Services (in partnership with Mace).

ANAROCK has a group of over 1800 licensed and experienced property specialists who operate throughout all significant Indian and Middle East markets. ANAROCK also manages over 80,000 established channel partners to make sure global organization coverage.

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