Despite Global Pressures to Decrease Carbon Emissions in Retail, the Tracking, Measurement and Reporting on Emissions in the Last Mile Remain a Struggle


According to research commissioned by Bringg, merchants in North America and Europe are buying innovation to improve last mile sustainability

CHICAGO, July 21, 2021/ PRNewswire/– Bringg, the leading shipment and satisfaction cloud platform provider, today announced the schedule of Sustainability in the Last Mile: A 2021 Snapshot. The commissioned study performed by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bringg details findings on how merchants and direct to customer brands across North America and Europe measure their carbon emissions, how they interact their sustainability options and successes to clients, who they see as accountable for tracking, reporting, and lowering emissions, and the technological capabilities they require to satisfy their net-zero goals for last mile delivery in 2021.

Retailers today are pressed by customers and increasing governmental and international regulatory requirements to decrease their carbon footprint. At the same time, they are challenged with the requirement to implement a proper structure for tracking, measuring, and reporting on emissions. According to the commissioned study, 49% of participants reported their firms struggle with accessing granular information and 45%stated they fight with measuring carbon emissions.”Retailers are being rapidly subjected to new legislation and environmental practices and must now be carrying out new sustainability initiatives. Without market standardsin location, retailers lack consistency and control to track, compute, communicate, and report on their sustainability efforts, more particularly their carbon emissions for the last mile,” stated Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg.” Retailers are enhancing

their sustainability efforts by buying technology and green fleets to minimize carbon emissions in the last mile, however there requires to be a system in place to set benchmarks for organization value.”Sustainability in the Last Mile: A 2021 Snapshot offers retailers and direct to customer brands insights into market standards when it concerns tracking, determining, determining, and interacting on their emissions, and how they can produce business value out of their sustainability initiatives.

Additionally, the commissioned research study provides logistics companies insight into what information merchants expect of them, in regards to both reducing carbon emissions and reporting on emissions data.”We believe our commissioned research reveals that logistics companies must play a crucial role in assisting merchants handle sustainability efforts by providing regular reporting and visibility into data, support with client communications, innovation to improve sustainability and tracking, and improvements into their own sustainability efforts,”

stated Bloch.” By supplying sellers with transparent and accurate information that will enable them to make greener delivery choices, they can in turn reduce carbon emissions in the last mile.”To download a complimentary copy&of the commissioned study, Sustainability in the Last Mile: A 2021 Snapshot, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bringg, please see To find out more about Bringg, please go to About Bringg assists enterprises scale up and enhance their last mile operations with data-led satisfaction and shipment orchestration SaaS innovation. Using Bringg, logistics and retailers service providers can quickly make it possible for innovative shipment and fulfillment models that make the most of the client experience, enhance logistics operations and scale company channels for development. Some of the world’s best-known brand names in more than 50 countries use Bringg’s platform to deliver the best last mile experience at peak performance across numerous delivery models. Media Contact Katie McGovern SHIFT Communications for Bringg!.?.!!.?.! Logo-