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Aman Medav spearheads luxury as he inaugurates Boonmax Hotel in Dubai


Aman Medav is the Founder of Boonmax Hotel located in the heart of Dubai that is Deira. But achieving this feat was not a one day’s task. Aman Medav achieved overnight success but that success is a manifestation of years of hard work and persistence.

Aman Medav was born in 1998 and pursued his graduation from a small town in Gujarat after which he successfully went to the USA for further studies.

It was in the USA when he realised his passion for setting up business in the hospitality sector. Aman was full of ideas to work and disrupt the traditional functioning of the industry after having studied it carefully. He did not waste a minute. He started a hotel in New Jersey by the name Days Inn. Aman infused his experience and expertise and made this hotel a successful venture.

He was satisfied with the working of the hotel but felt like he should venture into the hospitality sector of Dubai.

Aman remarks, “We put a lot of thought into coming up with this hotel. Since we know that Dubai harbours some of the world’s best hotels, we had to be different. So apart from offering luxury inside the hotel, we also paid great heed while selecting the space. We wanted it to be close to important landmarks so that visitors can use our hotel as a place to rest while they explore the best of Dubai.”

Aman held a grand ceremony and inaugurated this hotel on 7th October, 2022. The ceremony was testament to the rich flavour and the lavish living that the hotel was about to deliver to the Dubai public.

Aman says, “Dubai is such a lucrative market and there are so many hotels functioning well. While I was very attracted to enter Dubai, I knew that this would mean a lot of challenges. And at the same time, I knew the pros of a monopolistic competition. I knew I had to bring something different in terms of service, food etc to stand out and I walked straight into implementing it!”

Guests arriving at Boonmax Hotel can attend the restaurant located right on the territory. The staff will arrange food and drinks delivery in a room on demand. The administrator at the front desk works 24 hours. There is a sauna on the territory which you can reserve in advance for any convenient time throughout the day. Travellers with cars can use the parking lot.

Aman Medav arrived in Dubai and set up a hotel by the name ‘Boonmax Hotel’ located on Al Muraqqabat Street in Deira. The location of the hotel has been carefully selected. One will be within a 15- minute drive to the World Trade Centre and the Reef Mall.

The hotel is a sight to behold. Rated 3 star, the hotel has 147 executive rooms, a lavish swimming pool, restaurants, spas, coffee shop and houses a lot of activities for the entertainment of guests.

All these facilities make Boonmax Hotel just the perfect place to plan weekend getaways and is also suitable for international travellers.

Aman Medav is now living his dream of a successful hospitality businessman.

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