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Entrepreneurs start their business for three main reasons. For some, it’s a passion for pursuing a strong business opportunity that they either identify or want to create in the market. This is the largest category. Others are passionate about societal impact, letting the business opportunity flow from there. A third category pursues primarily inner, personal development goals. This does not mean that commercial success is not a clear goal; but that sometimes, it’s not the first source of inspiration.

For emerging entrepreneurs like Areeb Shahezan, the lesson is to not lose touch with the passion that is driving him because he uses it as his rock when it’s time to brave the challenges and vicissitudes of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Areeb Shahezan from Hyderabad, India, is an ace business investor and luxury-lifestyle influencer known for his marketing strategies. He is a highly skilled marketer with unique business approaches and understands the power of digital exposure and has become a powerhouse in lifting small and big businesses to bigger heights.

In today’s world everyone is in a rat race to become an entrepreneur; so much that they forget the basics and keep failing until the day they stop. Not everyone has been as successful as Areeb, a luxury figure, who is a genius when it comes to entrepreneurship and helps people to not only expand their businesses but also to cope up with their failures.

Today, one can invest in equities through a smart phone at the click of a button but, investing in is a far more intense process than most investors think. There is a saying that if you enter the investment market with a lot of money, and no experience, you will exit it with a lot of experience and no money. 

As such, people throng to get Areeb’s expert solutions on investment strategies. According to him, most people invest with a “buy and hold” mentality. Day traders invest on the market’s movement in short term periods — a risky endeavour that requires vigilance and expertise.

Says he, “These approaches aren’t agile or liquid enough, but I feel an intriguing, entrepreneurial investment style is cash flow investment which means purchasing an asset that provides income at regular intervals versus one solely based on price appreciation. Whether it is monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, etc., you will receive regular cash distributions that can be reinvested or used to finance your lifestyle.” Interesting?? Get in touch with Areeb Shahezan to know in depth!

When it comes to investment, there are a plethora of investment options available for investors. It is next to impossible for a common investor to be updated about all of them and pick up the one which caters their needs. This is where fiscal experts like Areeb come into play. He provides business growth services to young entrepreneurs and new startups about market building, investing in financial markets and growing monetarily.

Entrepreneur Areeb focusses on learning how to trade, developing a plan that works and getting a virtual coaching to stay on track and it helps people achieve financial freedom. He continues to set the pace in the market with innovative solutions for businesses and individuals.

We all love money; we save it, are conscious in spending it and wish our money expands every day but there are very few who make their money multiply even when they are sleeping! From the stock market’s gyrations to tax planning and the guessing game around interest rate hikes, entrepreneur Areeb helps people grapple all of it. He acts as an independent financial consultant, advisor and strategist.

The recent trend of ‘online investments’ has coincided with a proliferation of ‘financial influencers’, as they have come to be known. Entrepreneur Areeb is one such influencer who uses multiple channels on social media to share information to his followers on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. He is an experienced investor who has continuously advocated for making online investments by as many people as possible. He has been familiar with the industry, even before his peers were aware of its profits. This is one of the most important quality that sets him apart from the rest; his invaluable experience that no one possesses at his level.

According to entrepreneur Areeb, the problem majority of people face worldwide is that they work hard but are still not able to get the desired results as the whole idea of achieving success by doing the best is distorted. Also, he states that ‘financial education’ is an important concept that people leave behind or do not focus on during their college or post college days. He stresses on the fact that one must be able to identify the strategy to achieve their goals and work accordingly; only then can one achieve success.

On social media, people are always on the lookout for someone they can trust to guide them throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Savvy business influencers like Areeb know how to create these meaningful connections by generating emotion, closeness, and confidence. No wonder he has more than 42K followers on Instagram in such a short time.

He traditionally builds his audience’s trust by forging more personalised relationships with them. He cultivates this intimate relationship through immersive and engaging posts, all the while inspiring his followers and acting as a link between them and his business.

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