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Othman Al Olama a businessman to Bollywood person


Yes, you read the heading right but, Correcting one thing, Othman Al Olama is not moving to Bollywood, he is including Bollywood in his business. A young businessman who is based in UAE is looking forward to including Bollywood movie stars in his events that will be held in UAE. 

Othman Al Olama decides to tie up with B-Town company for organizing different events in UAE and signing up with movie stars for making them part of all the events in UAE.  Olama always wanted to be a part of Bollywood since his childhood but was looking for the correct time and here it is. 

“When I was at my youngest age, I saw many Bollywood movies and became a fan of it. The creativity in the contents and concepts of movies, the vast quality and the fascinating feature attracted me. For me, no one can get bored of Bollywood movies so easily. Today, I’m happy to be a part of Bollywood and fulfilling my dreams.” These were the words of Othman Al Olama when he was asked about the reason for liking and involving Bollywood. 
He is not only a fan of Bollywood but also way too good in sports, and once he represented UAE in several tennis tournaments. Being a fan of Bollywood, he is very fluent in Hindi.

According to him, if you want to be a great and named businessman, you need to be so creative like no one, you need to grab the opportunity whenever it comes without waiting for others, you need to have a target and should focus on the goal. One of the most important things is never to give up, as many people do.

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