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“Supercar Small Girl: The Newest Addition to the Khouri Family and Supercar Community”


Lecha Khouri, the renowned founder of Supercar Advocates, has recently welcomed a new addition to the Supercar world – a baby girl. Affectionately nicknamed Supercar Small Girl, she made her grand entrance sometime in February 2023, as per Lecha’s Instagram post featuring his wife and fellow founder of Malo, Sonya Khouri.

It comes as no surprise that the newest member of the Khouri family was greeted into the world in true Supercar style, with her father’s prized possession, a sleek and stylish Ferrari F12 tdf. Though Lecha boasts one of the largest car collections in Australia, and is a household name on the global Supercar circuit, he chose to share this special moment with his daughter in the F12 tdf, instead of his iconic LaFerrari or the legendary Enzo Ferrari.

For Lecha and Sonya, welcoming their new bundle of joy is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience. With Lecha’s passion for Supercars and Sonya’s entrepreneurship acumen, Supercar Small Girl is sure to be in good hands. It remains to be seen what name the Khouris have chosen for their little one, but one thing is for sure – she is already making waves in the Supercar community.
With Supercar Small Girl’s arrival, Lecha’s love for supercars has taken on a whole new meaning. The F12 tdf, which he so lovingly drove his daughter home in, is just one of the many supercars that Supercar Small Girl will grow up around. She is certain to get a deep appreciation for these amazing machines and everything that they stand for under her father’s tutelage.

Supercar Little Girl’s appearance has been eagerly anticipated throughout the Supercar community. Everyone is eager to see what the future holds for this new addition to the supercar world. With her parents’ successful business ventures and Lecha’s impressive car collection, there is no doubt that Supercar Small Girl is destined for greatness.

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