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The Boy Behind the Success of Factdarshan Times, Darshan Patil


Darshan Patil, the youngest founder, Author, Writer, and News editor is behind the success of the online news platform Factdarshan Times. He has grown up with vast knowledge of Digital Marketing, promotion, and Press release strategies.

He started his journey as a simple writer on the Internet. He wrote for Medium many times, after those watching professional entrepreneurs like Sunil Butolia. After exploring the internet, He researched and studied the pros and cons of Blogging and Marketing. Studying for a longer time, He started writing articles for Wikipedia and other Worldwide News Platforms.

The way he honestly worked for needy Artists, He realized that there is so much partiality in the field of PR and articles. So he thought to start his own news platform. He started Factdarshan Times online news and made this name a Brand. Now all the news from India and worldwide with different categories is seen on FD Times. He continuously worked and invested time for the SEO of FD Times. After few days the site got ranking on Google with faster Articles Indexing. The knowledge from Google and News sites helped Darshan Patil making Factdarshan Times.

“If we are realizing the partiality and injustice in any field, make your own platform for helping the people, Struggle, Learn and off course Win,” said Darshan Patil.

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