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11 Lessons that can be learned from the life of Mohit Churiwal

Mohit Churiwal isn’t a typical sixteen years old boy. He is one of the youngest entrepreneur we have and he has done everything in his power to be at where he is. When others were about their results and other entrance exams, Mohit started working for a website called Instamax but soon enough he decided to do something of his own.

He started working with his friends on the idea of creating their own News website called the Maharashtra Republic. He has also started his own company called MaxternMedia. Today he is a well-known person among people because of his skills and dedication. The thing which sets him apart from others is that he never forgets his root.

Even though he has achieved a lot at a very young age but his journey was never easy. His hard work and dedication proves that he deserves whatever he has today. Here are some other qualities of Mohit Churiwal which will prove that he is ready to turn his dreams into reality and nothing can stop him from doing so.

Never taking a Step Back

He knows and he accepts the fact that no matter whatever the circumstances are, taking a step back won’t do any good to him. He isn’t afraid of consequences. He knows these experiences will help him to learn and grow.

Being Passionate about his Goals

His passion leads him to the path of success. If he wouldn’t have been passionate enough then he wouldn’t have ever worked for his dreams. It is easy to dream but one thing which we learned from Mohit his that, if you really want it then you work for it.

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Knowledge and Skills

One of the best things about Mohit Churiwal is that he knows the importance of proper knowledge and proper skills. Even though he is successful today but he is still working really hard to improve his skills. He knows that the competition is growing with each passing day and in order to stand out, he needs exceptional skills.

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Setting Up Priorities

Mohit Churiwal is very clear with himself when it comes to his priorities. He believes that it helps him to remain focused. He invests his time accordingly. He also believes that it helps him to not get overwhelmed when he is trying to reach multiple goals.

Maintaining Honesty

He knows and accepts the fact that he needs to be honest with himself. He says that if you have set a goal for yourself, work for it honestly till you achieve it. If you don’t give your hundred percent then there’s no way you will achieve your goals.


Mohit believes that socializing plays a major role in his career. When you are exposed to people who are different from you then it will help you to see everything from a different point of view. It will also help you to learn various things. It will also help you to know what other people want and how you can help them. He also says that socializing also helps to improve communication skills.

Believing in yourself

There was a time when nothing was working in Mohit’s favor. But he was able to go through that phase because he believed in himself. He knew his capabilities and that worked wonders. He says that if he wouldn’t have believed in himself then achieving his goals would have been impossible. His belief in himself is the only thing which allows him to take a risk and accept challenges.

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Never Dwell On Mistakes

Mistakes aren’t something which you can ever avoid. But you can always avoid dwelling on your mistakes as you don’t have that much of time. You need to learn from your mistakes and start working on it after-all there is too much to achieve and too little time to do so.

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Be Observant

Mohit says that being observant has always saved him from trouble. If you want to be successful you need to observe the strength and the weakness of your competitors. Observe their mistakes so that you won’t do the same.

Being Versatile

Mohit believes that versatility helps him to adopt to various situations and it also helps him to manage his work. He believes that it is one of the most important skills you need to develop if you want to be successful.

Good Vibes

Having positive vibes helps you to get through any situation. It basically changes your perspective towards obstacles and it changes it in a positive way. When you have a good vibe then you automatically attract positivity and it is the thing which will keep you motivated.

Even though Mohit Churiwal has all the qualities he needs to be successful, he is still working hard to make himself better. We all know that whatever happens, Mohit Churiwal isn’t going to give up without a fight. We are sure that he is going to achieve everything he wants and we don’t expect any less from him.

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