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Abdullah Zubayer, a Social Media Influencer, an Entrepreneur at the age of 25



Abdullah Zubayer, one of the topmost bangladeshi media influencers, carries the tag of success lightly on his shoulders. Instead, he swears by the mantra “hard work breeds success” and lives by it as he goes on creating history through his presence on various online platforms. 

Abdullah Zubayer has established himself as a young entrepreneur, Social Media and Lifestyle Influencer just at the age of 25. He believes that the cornerstone for being successful at anything in life is having a positive attitude. Today, he shares the things that he believes have really set him apart from other 25-year-olds in his year at SEGi university, and paved the path for his success as an entrepreneur. The cornerstone for being successful at anything in life is having a positive attitude. It is not about what happens to us in life, but what we think about it. The way that we perceive a situation plays an essential part in what we do about that situation – and that is what really determines our success.

He is presently a social influencer who has left his obstacles behind and made a name and spot for herself. He has an enormous fan base via web-based networking media systems. Being active on social media platforms like Instagram has been quite beneficial for him.

His Instagram profile has a large number of followers who, without a miss, acknowledge Abdullah Zubayer’s works. He always keeps his fans and admirers informed about his present whereabouts by posting regular pictures and updates. He is often seen trending with hashtags on Instagram. It would be safe to call him a youth icon today. He has become a home name in the realm of the way of life blogger. He has evolved as a very popular face of the digital world. He is now referred to as the youngest Bangladeshi influencer.

In addition to those, Abdullah Zubayer is COO-Chief Operating Officer of “filmymantra” and CMO-Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Group, Malaysia. Abdullah started his journey as an influencer person in 2017 and since then he has huge subscribers on YouTube and followers on Likee. He has worked on several television dramas and documentaries before introducing himself as influencer. After that, is dominated by keeping up a robust social Media appearance through his Instagram account. His followers lap up his Instagram posts, where he keeps them updated about his latest ventures and whereabouts. Recently he has written three books namely – ‘How To Ensure Safe Internet’, ‘The Revenge Of Fire’ and ‘The Last Envelope Of Love’ which have been published on international platform like Amazon and Google Book. He has also a plan to publish these books at “Ekushey Book Fair” next year. 

Nowadays, he is currently started career as a musical artist. Abdullah Zubayer now notable verified artist on international platforms. He has been verified as an official music artist from the international music platform Spotify and received the official artist channel Verify on YouTube in this year. In fact, he is one of the emerging stars in the musical artist.


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