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Age Is Just A Number FT. Mk Sabbir Rahman



Mk Sabbir Rahman is an Entrepreneur, prolific marketer, musical artist, and a par-excellence influencer Mk Sabbir Rahman is well known for his association with vital national and international brands. He often forms plots in influential global digital news and magazines.

Mk IT works for various arenas in digital media, such as music, movies, web shows, and many more.

Hey everyone, I am Mk Sabbir Rahman a founder, a marketer, an influencer, a musical artist and entrepreneur. I am the founder of TuhinTube. I am 19 currently in age and stepped into the digital world with a solitary goal of making feasible growth options and helping many others.

I have been aiding thousands of people and have been working for the same, making my work immensely pleasurable for me. Being in this line of work for so long I have gained a lot and wish to add a lot more people.

At such a young age, how did you establish such a prominent brand?

As long as I can remember, since the age of 15, I always had this longing to work for something that holds a greater good, so that I can provide aid to others around me, and to as many people, possible. I don’t have one single word which could entirely define my journey, but if it has to be so, I would say, my journey has been very different. I am a college dropout, a thing one shouldn’t be proud of but I am.

I had a crystal clear picture of what I wanted to achieve in my life. I always thought of what the celebs and the famous would need, what could be done to aid people who have everything at their dispense. But I realized that the lives of these people are much complex than they would seem.



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I am musical artist, Digital Marketer, Influencer, Entrepreneur in Bangladesh

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