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Arin Sukhwal became one of the youngest entrepreneur of India at the age of 16

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Arin Sukhwal, a 16-year-old boy, is become one of the youngest entrepreneurs of india working in the field of Tech Community, Cybersecurity.  Arin Sukhwal is self made entrepreneur and a Youtuber.

Arin shifted his focus towards Cybersecurity and started his startup ‘ GeeksDefender Pvt. Ltd. ‘ to stop Online Scam’s and Movie Piracy. Currently He is Working With 3 Team members and running his own self made company.

He also started a blogging website named HydroBlogging where he used to upload content about Technology With help of his Brother.

He also designed a Corona Live Statistics Page to keep public alert about COVID-19. He is also certified as Fundamental of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked

He written some books related to technology and Online Scams. He started his journey from small town ‘Pander’ where he faced lack of resources.

He Started his schooling from local town school till 10th, after he went Kota for further studies. Arin is also a influencer and freelancer. He designed more than 10 websites.

But because of studies his youtube dream was not completed and he stop making videos for some time. Currently he is only focusing on his startup.

Arin has achieved very much knowledge in Tech field in a very young age of 16. He Became one of the youngest entrepreneur of india at the age of under 18.



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