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Interview with Ashwarya Ralhan a digital marketer from Delhi

My family never wanted me to become a Digital marketer, they always wished that I should be a Doctor

Today we are going to meet you with Ashwarya Ralhan, a content creator from Delhi, always wished to do something creative in her
career journey, entering into the field of Digital Marketing in 2016.

She started working as a blogger and is the founder of GoHealthyOnline. She always wanted to do Journalism and then
eventually become an RJ but turned to be a Digital Marketer.

She has worked with well-known brands, namely Livon, Pantene, Mama Earth, etc. With such an establishment, she is currently helping brands and companies increase their presence and a better marketing strategy.

During the interview with FAME Publish Ashwarya told: “My family never wanted me to become a Digital marketer, they always wished that I should be a Doctor”.

“I always wanted to do something different from others, I wanted to be an RJ, but I was a very introverted person who never spoke to people. After working with Brand Livon, I decided to choose Digital Marketing as my profession, which changed my life”, she adds.

How did you start working and got your first project?

I got my first Social Media Marketing project as an Influencer with Livon Serum. I gave them
content and ideas for the marketing strategies, which turned out to be successful. After that, I
started working with a few brands for strategy and content creation and got good responses and results for them.

If not Digital Marketing, then what would you like to pursue as a career option?

I wanted to be an RJ, as I am very passionate about Music. Work and Music together give me
productivity and new ideas to implement. I try to stay fun and entertaining and make people feel happy. So definitely if not Digital Marketing, then an RJ!

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What are your hobbies?

Apart from digital marketing, I love to travel places, Travelling makes my soul happy and even gives me the motivation to work hard again and travel. If you check my social media handles, you would see my travel pictures.

Once I was travelling to Nainital and met a few people who had the same career interests, it helped me exchange better ideas. My next favorite hobby is listening to Music that I can never stop. Traveling is like my body, and Music is the heart that keeps it going.

What technical skills do you believe are most important in your role?

I believe that Digital Marketing and Content Creation is all about understanding your audience and their needs. You do not need to be a techie or a coder to be a successful marketer; all you need to do is just “Understand Your Audience” and “Customer Psychology”.
Digital Marketing is 90% marketing and 10% digital.

So, the number one skill required for a
digital marketer is a stronghold on marketing concepts and understanding of customer
psychology. The moment you start understanding your audience and create content that they need, you will be able to succeed.

What can be one of the biggest challenges people face in the industry you operate in?

As far as I have experienced, people always struggle to get the right client and the right
opportunity. It takes some time to get the correct client and deliver the perfect result. Nothing can be achieved overnight.

All we need to do is deal with patience and focus on giving our best. Because when we are stress-free it would help to deliver the best result to clients.

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What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Understand your niche and always believe in yourself. You should always start rather than
assuming that you cannot do it.

Once you start things, it will be easier for you to understand the challenges you are facing and quick solutions for them.

Describe one of the most successful projects or campaigns you’ve worked on. Why was it successful?

There are many. But the most exciting and successful campaign I did is a Content Marketing Strategy for Client It Solutions, which helped them get admissions to their course and got a good number of enrollments.

Currently, they are doing good, and I am helping them with their course marketing and content structure. I have more similar case studies in the education & Digital Marketing industry and have generated excellent results for my clients.

Sunil Butolia
Founder & Editor-In-Chief of FAME Publish Sunil Butolia, is an Indian digital marketer and businessman.

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