Majibur Rahman

Majibur Rahman A Digital Marketing Expert

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Majibur Rahman a Digital Marketing Expert and entrepreneur, breaks all the odds to be a social media sensation and has made it big in the digital marketing space. Majibur started his journey with nothing but happens to be at the top currently in the digital marketing space.

Having left his hometown Comilla at a very young age to pursue his career in digital marketing, from a tender age, Majibur was well versed in content creation and had a better understanding of the marketing landscape which helped him to achieve greater heights in the digital and marketing industry.

Currently, he holds a popular name in the digital marketing industry, all thanks to his amazing work at one of the firms based out of Dhaka Kuwait. His journey from a small village boy to a Bangladeshi youngest entrepreneur has been nothing sort of a roller coaster ride.

Majibur Rahman is now CEO Of DEN E-Marketing. It’s making him one of the most successful youngest entrepreneurs in India. Majibur Rahman is 30 and his achievements know no bound.

Inspiring entrepreneurs like Majibur are indeed changing the game for their generation and taking the Indian start-up and digital ecosystem to the next level. New age young entrepreneurs like Majibur are proving themselves to be a leader in the era of digital marketing.

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