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Meet Tresor Chun, founder and CEO of APPLY TSIC

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Tresor Chun is the founder and CEO of APPLY TSIC, he is the professional Education Consultant Agent where he helps an international student from all over the World to apply and study in different universities especially in China and Canada.

He began design and research for while heading his studies abroad in China at Jiangxi Normal University. in addition to his contributions to the field of international education, Tresor has helped establish and direct several non-profit organizations across the globe.

His extensive travel experience includes time studying, working and volunteering throughout Asia and Africa. He helped more than 210 International Students to go and study in China, 102 in Canada and 74 in Poland.

His company has good cooperation with more than 50 Universities in China and 12 in Canada and 6 in Poland.

Aime Fabrice Tresor is a Rwandan entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of APPLY TSIC.
Better known online as Tresor Chun, he is also a YouTube Personality and Digital Marketer.

Born: 26/November 1996, Kigali, Rwanda
Height: 1.74 m
Education: Jiangxi Normal University
Another name: Chun
Organization: APPLY TSIC, The New Drop Sneakers
Parents: K. Christine, Zhao Yongfan

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