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Mehraz Khan Opy is a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur in Bangladesh



An illustrious personality, the 18-year-old Mehraz Khan Opy, is a venerable guy. Mehraz Khan Opy, a digital marketing expert, a software developer, and distinctly, he is well-versed in multiple niches. An unparalleled mindset and an innovative thinker, Mehraz Khan Opy is the co-founder of “Go Support Bd”, a leading marketing firm. But this isn’t what has congested the news currently. Distinguished for his peculiar talents, Opy has recently been delivering benevolent and colossal humanitarian steps towards society, disarraying the news. Amongst the global pandemic, where the masses have been witnessing intolerable and unendurable hardships, Opy holds the conviction of succoring the underprivileged and ameliorating the lives of many.

In a self-centered orb, where every individual seeks profitable outputs, very few remain with the task of carrying the beacon of hope and glee. Opy conjectures that: “An exultant world could only exist when those at the dais of zenith succor the underprivileged”


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Asraful Islam is a Columnist at FAMEPublish. Based in Dhaka, he specializes in creative design and social media content creation. He has been featured in Dhaka Tribune and Jagonews24.

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