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Naveed Ahmad – the Youngest Entrepreneur in Ice Cream Industry

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Naveed Ahmad is a Delhi based entreprenuer who completed Mba in marketing in 2019 and is pursuing LLB now. He is the youngest entrepreneur in ice cream manufacturing industry.

At the age of 16, He has started doing Ice Cream Manufacturing Business with his father, Zafar Ahmad. Though, the company National India Ice cream was founded by his grandfather Late Riyaz Ahmad in the year 1985, Naveed has helped the company to widen its horizons.

Started 11 years ago, at the age of 16, as an entrepreneur in the ice cream industry. From national economic crisis to Note ban to current pandemic, have withered all the storms and is still standing firm like an iron pillar. He is highly enthusiastic and energetic. One simply doesn’t become an entrepreneur at an age of 16 without hardwork and leadership quality.

The whole procedure of advertising is changed due to the addition in the computerized world. He says that the present reality likes to look for amusement through online stages like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram as opposed to utilizing TV.

This pattern has made tones of chances for beginning your attire image to make their situating on the planet.

Naveed Ahmad says that with the progression and expanded rivalry in the advanced innovation, computerized promoting is intense and testing now.

Naveed Ahmad says that with the progression and expanded rivalry in the advanced innovation, computerized promoting is intense and testing now.

As Naveed Ahmad says that “Difficult work beats ability when ability doesn’t buckle down” and can assist business people with earning quick and enormous because of computerized showcasing.

For this Sucess individual ought to have information who can work keenly and can sell through words which can take you from zero to mogul.

Naveed Ahmad: In this profoundly serious world you have to realize how to sell your items through advertisements, naturally, and words. At 27 years old, Naveed Ahmad has accomplished a great deal of bit of quickest developing Digital Entrepreneur in India in almost no span of time.

Today the world is continuously moving to the telephone and the web each person is currently utilizing versatile and web.

Naveed Ahmad feels that India is still yet to comprehend the intensity of web based showcasing and to hop in the beginning stage would be an incredible ahead and when individuals get into that web based promoting will profit their business.

He aims to guide the industry through the pandemic and establish a stable yet progressive economical surrounding for every one.

He has just one message and motto, never give up. After seeing so many ups and downs at such a young age, only one thing has been confirmed, no person is defeated until he gives up. So never stop trying and dreaming.



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