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How to Open a Digital Bank Account Online to Receive Money Globally?

Now it’s very easy to receive payments from International platforms

If you are living in India and having trouble getting money from International platforms or clients living abroad, then this post is very useful for you.

I am a self published author and publish books on Amazon KDP and in return Kindle pays me a commission for the sale of my book.

The commission of the book on Kindle which is sold in Indian Rupees and US Dollars is received through electronic fund transfer directly to my Bank account in India. It is settled easily.

But other than that, when someone buys the book in another currency, I could not get that commission because when the commission of the other currency becomes $ 100, then Amazon sends it by check to my address in India. Cheques are also heavily taxed by Amazon.

So I did not like the cheque system and I wanted a digital bank account in foreign country where I can receive all the payments other than US dollar currency directly to my account through electronic funds transfer.

But opening a bank account abroad is not so easy because it requires lot of documentation, formalities and cause headache.

Payoneer digital bank account

I was searching about “how to open a digital bank account” on the Internet and then got a solution.

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Then, I came to know about the Payoneer digital bank account. And I got to know its unrivaled benefits. It is very easy to open and maintain.

I instantly opened a payoneer digital account and I got 4-in-1 digital account for different countries. Then I gave one of its account details in Amazon kindle account.

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After that my pending commission came into my payoneer account after 1 week and the payoneer transferred it to my Indian bank on the same day. I was so happy because whole process is easy and useful.

During this time I did not see any deficiency in the payoneer account, rather it is a very good service.

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Sunil Butolia
Founder & Editor-In-Chief of FAME Publish Sunil Butolia, is an Indian digital marketer and businessman.

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