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Shotok Khan: Social Media Marketing Consultant From Bangladesh



Shotok Khan is an Entrepreneur From Bangladesh Who is the Founder of “BDS NETWORK”, today the name of a leading Influencer marketing agency in Bangladesh. He is an Internet marketing strategist with past experience of 5 years. He started an internet marketing consultancy for various celebrities, public figures, brands, and politicians. Let’s know more about Shotok Khan.

He was born and brought up in Bangladesh, and over the years he has managed to create a sizable following as a Marketing Influencer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He has also dabbled into the viral marketing world, and his team-leadership skills have led him to become one of the most accomplished online marketers in BANGLADESH.

Shotok Khan: Marketing Strategist

Shotok is a very passionate and goal-oriented professional, who derives his inspiration to make a positive impact on this planet. As a social media influencer and Marketing Strategist, he promotes social messages, Movies, Brands videos on social media with his influencer network of more than thousands of Influencers across Bangladesh.


Shotok Khan is always hungry to learn new things and his tenacity and open-mindedness towards knowledge that is the secret to his success. He doesn’t let his obstacles get the better of him and learns from his mistakes. Digital marketing is a field that is constantly evolving, as companies find newer ways to market their products. Thus, as an expert, one has to be innovative and have the ability to think outside the box in order to reach a wider audience on the internet.

Shotok has constantly displayed his creativity in this field and strives to get better and better at his business. He never settles, and because he is always hungry to learn and grow his team, he has the potential to achieve even greater success as his quest for knowledge will lead him to newer opportunities and break more boundaries. No wonder why he is making headway in BANGLADESH with his work.


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