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Founder Sunil Butolia Announces FAMEPedia’s New CEO Ugo Chima Joseph

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The FAMEPedia Board of Directors today announced the appointment of Ugo Chima Joseph as a founder & chief executive officer. Chima, an experienced wiki creator, and content writer who has been fully active and helpful in all terms in famepedia for several years will assume his new position on May 25th.

“The FAMEPedia Board is pleased to welcome a leader to direct the wiki during these challenging and exciting times,” said Sunil K. Butolia, chairman of the FAMEPedia Board of Directors.

“Famepedia is an encyclopedia just like Wikipedia, running in the same software as Wikipedia and Famepedia is a perfect alternative to Wikipedia.

Chima possesses the passion and expertise to grow Famepedia into an even greater, more successful encyclopedia, and to create a lasting impact for our users and local communities.”

Before joining FAMEPedia, Joseph served as the CEO of Prime9jaOnline Media a news and media website where quality content can be published on the internet.

In this role, Joseph coordinated how contents are written and how it could get the Google Search Engine and even Google Knowledge Panel.

“I am honored to be selected for the opportunity to lead this exceptional encyclopedia/wiki of dedicated and talented professionals,” said Joseph. I look forward to building on the foundation that has been created here and developing new styles for the efficiency and proficiency of FAMEPedia.”

“Chima’s deep knowledge and understanding of how growing an encyclopedia just like Wikipedia can improve the quality of knowledge for everyone around the world aligns perfectly with FAMEPedia’s longstanding mission,” says Sunil Butolia, founder of Famepedia.

“I am confident that his distinguished track record of leadership and innovation will ensure the wiki’s continued success in turning into a very perfect encyclopedia.” He added”

Joseph received his B.S. in Computer Science from Igbinedion University Okada, Nigeria’s First Premiere Private University.



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