GA-ASI and UK MoD Exercise Contract for Additional 13 Protector RPAS


SAN DIEGO, July 22, 2021/ PRNewswire/– The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has actually worked out the clause in its agreement with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) to make and provide 13 additional Protector RG Mk1 Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) that had formerly been identified as alternatives. The preliminary agreement order was for three Protector RPAS, establishing 16 as the new overall of Protectors to be delivered to the UK MoD.”Our fleet of 16 Protector airplane geared up with ultra-modern technology will provide the Royal Air Force(RAF)with a large global

reach, permitting us to keep track ofand safeguard the battlespace for hours on end. The Protector program involves industry throughout the UK with vital parts of the aircraft produced on the Isle of Wight, supporting extremely competent jobs for several years to come,”said Jeremy Quin, UK Minister for Defense Procurement. GA-ASI’s MQ-9B SkyGuardian ® is the standard system being set up for the RAF as the Protector RG Mk1. It consists of X-band satellite interactions (SATCOM )and assistance for UK weapon systems, in addition to the airplane’s onboard sensing units, such as its electro-optical sensing unit ball and Lynx ® Multi-mode Radar.”This dedication for 13 extra unmanned airplane confirms the long-lasting confidence

of the UK MoD and the Royal Air Force in the MQ-9B system and the Protector program, “said Linden Blue, CEO, GA-ASI.”The MQ-9B system will bring unrivaled reconnaissance ability to the RAF and aid to ensure the security of the UK and its allies.”In July 2020, the UK MoD and GA-ASI announced a production agreement for the very first three Protector RPAS. In September 2020, GA-ASI revealed the completion of the first Protector -configured MQ-9B, which is now supporting system screening as part of a combined UK MoD, U.S. Air Force and GA-ASI test team. Known as UK1, this first Protector will be provided to the MoD later on this year, however will stay in the U.S. to complete the Royal Air Force’s test and examination program prior to transferring to its UK home in 2022. “The contract for the additional 13 Protector airplane, taking the overall to 16, is a significant turning point for the UK. When Protector goes into service in 2024, UK Defence will take an enormous dive forward in capability, offering us the capability to run internationally with this cutting edge, extremely versatile platform,”stated Air Commodore Richard Barrow, Senior Responsible Owner for the RAF Protector Programme. The partnership between GA-ASI and the UK MoD likewise brings considerable advantages to UK aerospace and defense industries. One example is GKN Aerospace, which is manufacturing the

advanced composite V-tails for the MQ-9B at its center of quality in Cowes, the Isle of Wight. GA-ASI’s advancement of MQ-9B started in 2014 as a company-funded program to deliver an RPA that satisfies the rigid NATO STANAG-4671 and UK DEFSTAN 00-970 airplane system airworthiness requirements. These supply the basis for type accreditation by NATO member-state military airworthiness authorities. The MQ-9B is developed to avoid and accommodate the ga-asi-developed detect System( DAAS ), which helps the airplane integrate with the normal flow of air travel traffic and keeps operators in contact with air traffic control. The aircraft is constructed for negative weather performance with lightning defense, damage tolerance, and a de-icing system. MQ-9B features fast combination of brand-new payloads with nine difficult points. The airplane can self-deploy utilizing SATCOM-enabled Automatic Takeoff and Landing, which eliminates forward-based launch-and-recovery equipment and personnel. In addition to the Protector and SkyGuardian setups, MQ-9B is available as the SeaGuardian® – with advanced anti-submarine and surface area search capabilities – for maritime objectives.

MQ-9B has amassed substantial interest from clients throughout the world. In addition to the UK, SkyGuardian has been selected by the Australian Defence Force under Project Air 7003 and the Belgian Ministry of Defense signed an agreement for SkyGuardian. Hi-resolution images of the Protector RG Mk1 are offered to qualified media outlets from the GA-ASI media contact list. About GA-ASI General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), an affiliate of General Atomics, is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reputable Remotely Piloted Aircraft(RPA )systems, radars, and related and electro-optic mission systems, including the Predator ® RPA series and the Lynx ® Multi-mode Radar. With more than 6 million flight hours, GA-ASI supplies long-endurance, mission-capable airplane with incorporated sensing unit and information link systems required to deliver persistent flight that makes it possible for situational awareness and

quick strike. The company likewise produces a variety of ground control stations and sensing unit control/image analysis software application

, provides pilot training and support services, and establishes meta-material antennas.

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