Terrific Place to Work Announces the Best Workplaces in Asia™ & trade; 2021 Representing 3.3 plus Million Employee Experiences


Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, surveyed over 3.3 million workers from across 16 diverse nations and cultures in Asia and the Middle East to figure out the Best Workplaces in Asia™ & trade; 2021. This is the largest study of staff member experiences in Asia.

To be called as finest in Asia, these 200 business were the greatest ranked on Great Place to Work Best WorkplacesTM National notes throughout the region. This acknowledgment is based on personal survey information evaluating employee experiences of trust, development, company worths and leadership. Business are also evaluated on how well they are producing a For AllTM office experience, inclusive of all workers no matter who they are or what they do.

Surprisingly, organizations from India constitute 21% of the Best Workplaces in Asia™ & trade; 2021, making it the nation with the highest representation

on the list! Usually, business ranked on the very best Workplaces in Asia & trade; scored 10 %better than those that made it to the National list level- an incredibly high bar as such offices are the very best of the best in their own country. The Very Best Workplaces in Asia & trade; likewise had 15 %more workers report: Feeling that management involves individuals in its decision-making Receiving special and unique advantages Receiving a fair share of the earnings made by the organization For business on National lists throughout Asia, 70 %of employees said they experience wellness at work(defined by elements such as feeling cared for

  • and thinking their workplace is an emotionally and mentally healthy location to

    work). That number jumps even higher to 81%at the Best Workplaces in Asia & trade;.”

    The Best Workplaces in Asia & trade; set the bar for business culture by supporting employee well-being and structure inclusive offices that are good for everybody,”stated Michael C. Bush, Global CEO of Great Place to Work.”They demonstrate just how much they value their most important resource -their people. Thanks to these business, more than 3.3 million workers benefit from the greatest working conditions in a™series of markets

    throughout Asia.”” It is inspiring to see that the leaders of the Best Workplaces in Asia & trade; have placed Employee Wellbeing at the heart of their service technique and they understand that it is not simply a’ good to do’but a’Must do’, for sustaining a High-Trust, High-Performance & trade; culture,”- Preeti Malhotra, Head- Wellness Practice and Partner, Great Place to Work India. Emphasizes from the very best Workplaces in Asia & trade; 2021 Topping the list forthe second

    year in a row in the international category are shipping business DHL Express and hotelier Hilton -both holding onto their 2020 second-place and first rankings, respectively. In the large category, PAP Community Foundation(Singapore), Talawakelle Tea Estates(Sri Lanka), and KB Kookmin Card(South Korea)declared the leading 3 areas. Canva (Philippines )topped the list in the small-medium business(SMB

    )classification, followed by Charity Committee for Orphans Care(ENSAN)(Saudi Arabia)and THE One(UAE). Numerous new entries made the list this year, including luxury merchant Chalhoub Group, telecom company Ericsson, medical device supplier Medtronic, and monetary services brand names American Express and Synchrony. All of these brand names made it into the leading 15 multinational offices in Asia.

    This year, COVID-19 brought physical and psychological well-being front of mind for both employers and employees. In China, Hilton supplied a live-stream lecture on return-to-work security

    with the chief physician of the Shanghai Centre for Disease Control and the director of transmittable diseases at Huashan Hospital. In India, Medtronic presented a vaccination program for staff members

    and their households. Lighting company Signify has internal doctors readily available 2-3 days each week. In the Philippines, Canva is using complimentary COVID vaccinations for all employees and their home families. The leading 30 in the multinational category: DHL Express Hilton Cisco Chalhoub Group Landmark Group Marriott

    Ericsson Salesforce American Express Cadence Medtronic General Mills Synchrony Stryker Micron PayPal SAP FedEx Apparel Group DISCO Corporation AbbVie SAS Amgen Maersk S&P Global Siemens Healthineers Al-Dabbagh Group EY Roche Symbolize To see the full list of the Best Workplaces in Asia & trade; 2021, click here: www.greatplacetowork.in/asia-best-workplace.

    How Great Place to Work figures out the Best Workplaces in Asia & trade; Great Place to Work determines the very best Workplaces in Asia & trade; by evaluating companies’work environment programs and surveying employees throughout Asia and the Middle East about the essential elements that develop fantastic workplaces for all.

    To be thought about, business should initially be identified as exceptional in their local area by appearing on several of our Best Workplaces lists in Greater China(including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan ), India

  • , Japan
  • , Philippines
  • , Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka or UAE during 2020 or early 2021. Companies rank in three size categories: Small and Medium(10-499 staff members); Large(500+); and Multinational. International companies are also examined on their
  • efforts to create excellent work environments across multiple nations in the region. They must appear on a minimum of 2 National lists in Asia
  • and the Middle East and
  • have at least 1,000
  • staff members worldwide with at least 40 %(or 5,000
  • )of those staff members situated outside the headquarters country. About Great Place to Work Fantastic Place to Work is the worldwide authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million staff members worldwide and
  • utilized those deep
  • insights to define what makes an excellent office: trust. Their worker study platform empowers leaders
  • with the feedback
  • , real-time reporting and insights they require to
  • make tactical individuals choices . Whatever they do is driven by
  • the mission to build a better world by assisting every organization become a terrific location to work For All TM. Find out more at www.greatplacetowork.in and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
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