India Illuminates on World Fragile X Awareness Day


Today on the occasion of World Fragile X Awareness Day, communities around the globe come together to shine a light on the condition by illuminating monoliths and landmarks globally. Delicate X Society-India is thrilled to be a part of this unbelievable initiative that is uniting Fragile X families and communities all over the world.


p style=”text-align: center;”> Mrs. Shalini Kedia, Chairperson of the FragileX Society-India The Taj Mahal Tower, Mumbai has actually been robust assistance for several years and will illuminate again this year to support awareness. In addition, this year we have actually amassed the assistance of 21 more buildings including shopping centers, clubs, high increase towers all over India. These consist of City Centre Salt Lake and City Centre brand-new town in Kolkatta, the Woodrose Club,

Augusta Club and MLR convention centre in Banglore, Fortune Pandiyan Hotel in Madurai, Ahmedabad One Mall, Rameswaram Daiwik Hotel, Devi Ratn Taj Jaipur, Blue Diamond in Pune and Planet Godrej property towers in Mumbai. Fragile X Society-India has actually been a support system for families impacted with the condition and likewise aim to develop awareness about it . This year we have actually held many webinars empowering medical trainees on the condition.”Awareness for Fragile X is the first and most significant step forward towards diagnosis, treatments and a cure,”states Shalini Kedia, Chairperson of the Fragile X Society-India who can be reached @fragilexindia on Instagram and Facebook”I am personally extremely touched by a gesture of a moms and dad who has 2 small restaurants on the Jaipur highway and will be illuminating too to support

awareness in pursuit of a remedy.” As the most typical acquired single gene reason for autism, Fragile X is the best key we need to solving autism. Treatments for Fragile X are likewise likely to assist people who have Alzheimer’s or other brain disorders. Considering that it causes intellectual special needs and passes down silently through generations it is crucial to produce

awareness about it. According to worldwide data, one in 5,000 kids are impacted with Fragile X Syndrome which makes it near to 4,00,000 individuals in India alone. This is an essential number and needs attention.