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Ajitabha Bose, first Author to Introduce Concept of Pocket-books


Ajitabha Bose is a well-known bestselling author, filmmaker, designer and an entrepreneur. He is the first author to introduce the concept of pocketbook in India. He has also got a national record for publishing the shortest love story in India as a book.

Ajitabha has achieved strong identity and he has millions of admirers across the country who send him messages every day congratulating him for the success of his amazing books.

He was born and bought up in Jamshedpur and completed his schooling from Gulmohar High School. Ajitabha completed his graduation from Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad. He is the president and co-founder of BDL Studios, a well-known production house based in Delhi-NCR. He has worked on 450+ videos and 30,000 + designs till now.

Ajitabha has written 6 books till now:

  • It’s a Love Story (2013)
  • The Pocket Love Story (2015)
  • In love with Shahrukh Khan (2016
  • The Best Seller (2017)
  • It’s My Love Story (2018), and
  • Till we meet again (2019)

He has sold over 2,00,000 copies so far. He holds Limca Book of Records for his contribution to literature and creating a national record for India’s shortest love story book. Got love from around the world for his book “In Love with Shahrukh Khan” and was praised by Shahrukh Khan himself. He is well known throughout the country for his unique idea of ​​pocket books.

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