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Chirag Solanki | Youngest Entrepreneur And Digital Marketer


Chirag Solanki is one of the youngest and popular personalities known for his digital marketing skills, he is a success story for today’s young generation. Chirag realized all his dreams with knowledge and integrity. He is the founder of ‘Oritemedia’. It sounds very peppy but it took a lot of patience and hard work for Chirag to reach here.

Since childhood, Chirag had the spirit of becoming an influencer, his primary education helped him a lot to gain distinctive knowledge. Chirag is currently 17 years old. He is studying in 12th standard from The Indian Heights School Dwarka Sec 23, New Delhi. Chirag A has established an ‘Orite media’ company based on his digital presence. Orite media is expected to be one of the largest digital marketing companies in India in the future. His experiences include works such as bringing Internet functional ideas and digital strategic planning.

“My skills and techniques lead to a consistent growth of my customer’s online presence and help them increase their brand awareness and value,” says Chirag founder of ‘Orite media’. Chirag Solanki believes that content is everything and that it matters in the era of Digital Marketing. “Content should be optimistic and beyond expectations,” says ‘Orite media’ founder Chirag Solanki. He is an inspiration for many youngsters who want to pursue their dreams and career in the digital marketing sector.

The young talent is known for his Digital Marketing skills and throws light on the after-effects of the situation on global businesses.
Many entrepreneurs and businesses are in the doldrums at present due to the global pandemic. Will the business ventures that have been thriving all these years survive the big blow? How much will it get affected has to be seen. CHIRAG SOLANKI, an expert Digital Entrepreneur examines the situations and gives his viewpoints on the same. He says that a lot of changes might take place as many have learned to run shop despite the world closing down. Let’s have a look at the situations according to Chirag.

Chirag says that the situation has changed the way the world does business and working from any part of the world remotely that has taken center stage during the global pandemic will continue for many valid reasons. “The lockdown has taught the world to carry on business without any kind of physical presence and this working model has turned out to be advantageous for many organizations, especially those which operate their businesses digitally. Time management can be handled efficiently and moreover, entrepreneurs are saving a lot on office expenses and are able to flourish even under such extreme conditions. The world is trying to adjust and embrace this new situation with open hands,” says Chirag.

Another huge impact of the pandemic on businesses will be more dependency on online marketing as traditional marketing methods would take backstage and won’t be operational due to the situation. Methods of communication will undertake a drastic change and conventional methods via physical means will seize to exist. Chirag strongly feels that Digital Marketing methods would be the most preferable methods of getting your brand’s presence established online as its potential has been well established in the past year and its demand will show an upward trend in coming times.

“The Covid-19 situation will have a lasting impact on many other situations. Entrepreneurs, especially startups will have to face the crisis and fight against the ongoing challenges long even after the pandemic ends,” concludes Chirag.

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