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Sumit Mishra and Mayank Jain entered into Film Industry


Mayank Jain is the founder & Director of Walnut Production whereas Sumit Mishra the founder and director of Cinnamon Cafe Pvt Ltd also known as CCPL.

In July 2020, Walnut Production & CCPL has announced its foray into the digital world with the production of web series and shows. 

“This is the time to expand into the digital space with shows and films,” Sumit Mishra told. “There exists a huge audience across the globe that you reach out to with this medium. Web shows and films have an audience for all kinds of genres of storytelling and different languages as well. Along with producing films, we want to create content for the digital space and give a platform to new directors and storytellers.”

Sumit & Mayank’s team have started work on the script and pre-production of a few series and films and are looking to collaborate with digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Zee5.

“Digital viewership is growing at a rapid speed and this is a huge platform. Web shows and films have their own set of audiences and are a huge market as everyone — all ages, races, languages, communities across the world are hooked on to it,” Mayank said in a statement.

There are some stories that are not meant for the 70 mm screen but need to be told, Sumit added.

“They are commercial yet strong content films. With this new space that has evolved, there is a huge demand for web shows and films. We have a lot of scripts coming to us every day and many of them are a perfect fit for this medium. We want to give a chance to these storytellers to bring forth their stories,” Mayank said.

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