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Helios Groups is a well-known wealth management company with over 18 years of experience in the field, has launched their own cryptocurrency, called the PNP coin which was introduced by the President of Helios, Suki Chang.
PNP coin is a decentralized currency with its own regulations. The value of the PNP coin is expected to double its initial value in the next few months. Currently, the value of 1 PNP coin is 1 Hong Kong Dollar.
Characteristics of PNP coin:
Like any other cryptocurrency, the PNP coin is also a decentralized currency. There is no central system, as there are in traditional currencies, which are issued and managed by a central authority, which can be the country’s government or any other organization. PNP coin decentralization provides many advantages over traditional currency like no vulnerability to tax, thievery, etc.
The transparency of the PNP coin is clear as crystal to the coin holders only. As compared to the other banks or any other method of transaction, the PNP coin is expected to be faster. Also, sending money from one side of the world to another side of the world is a matter of just a few minutes if sent in the form of a PNP coin. Doesn’t matter, if the same amount is sent through any other bank or method, it will take approximately a week or more. PNP coins are not physically present in the form of notes or coins, unlike traditional money. In a way, it is easy to carry on the phone. It is not even possible to be stolen by thieves in the market or from the house.
You can buy things with a PNP coin and use it to send and receive payments, but those original purposes are not important factors in why PNP coin will have grown in value.
PNP coin is all set to gain respectability as a form of “digital gold.” That is, as an asset prized for its ability to be a store of value like the precious metal.


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