21 Podcasts To Expand Your Mind in 2021


Did video really kill the radio star? Or did the radio star take a sabbatical to brush up on some R & D and re-brand as a podcast, making the ultimate comeback decades later? With statistics showing that since 2019, podcasts have continuously serenaded over 55% of the US population (155 million +) weekly, my money is on the radio stars’ resiliency. 

Despite its immense success in recent years, the one thing many podcast aficionados can agree on is that the podcast world is a quantity over quality environment… meaning there is PLENTY of garbage in the sea. In fact, a recent update informed that as of April 2020, there are over 1 million podcast shows, with over 30 million episodes worldwide. We’ve taken the liberty of wading through the podcast sea, catching 21 big fish to expand your mind as we crawl through the rest of 2020 and embark into 2021 in a woke state.

Introducing 21 Podcasts To Expand Your Mind in 2021

The Tim Ferriss Show  Tim Ferris

With over 500M downloads and counting, The Tim Ferriss Show is often ranked as the #1 Business Podcast on all of Apple Podcasts, surpassing the other 500,000+ podcasts with similar content. 

Through his inquisitive interview style, Tim successfully brings listeners into the lives of the elite, providing his audience with insight and advice on how to live exceptionally. 

The Ed Mylett Show  Ed Mylett 

Ed Mylett is the founder and host of The Ed Mylett Show, a podcast dedicated to showcasing the world’s greatest peak-performers.

Through sharing the journeys, knowledge, and thought leadership of a diverse range of industry professionals Ed uncovers inspirational stories and practical advice, encouraging listeners to learn from experts and become the best version of themselves. 

The School of Greatness  Lewis Howes

For those looking to expand their knowledge on business and self-development, class is officially in session at Lewis Howes The School of Greatness.

Lewis educates his vast audience on how to be great through inspiring interviews with world-class leaders in entrepreneurship, athletics, mindset, relationships, and much more. 

The Skinny Confidential: HIM & HER Show  Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Michael Bosstick

The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show is hosted by entrepreneurs & brand builders Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and husband Michael Bosstick.

With over 79 million lifetime downloads and 180-210K downloads per episode, the show is widely regarded as a hit amongst its 90% female audience.

The Model Health Show  Shawn Stevenson

As a world-renown author and expert nutritionist, Shawn Stevenson is the founder and host of The Model Health Show, a podcast responsible for sharing a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at the health and fitness industry.

No topic is off-limits on The Model Health Show, allowing audience members to be rewarded with rich and informative content on achieving and maintaining optimal health. 

Superhero Academy  Marc Angelo Coppola

Superhero Academy is a podcast hosted by Marc Angelo Coppola focused on maximizing impact through encouraging listeners to share their unique gifts with the world. Marc appeals to social entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers in a variety of industries, promoting them to become everyday superheroes through harnessing their potential. 

He draws on his personal entrepreneurial success as a Founding Member of Valhalla Coop Farm, Founder of Superhero Academy, storyteller, and philanthropreneur in providing advice to enable his audience to discover their passions and actually make a living from them.

The Deep Dive  Adam Roa 

Adam Roa is a globally recognized motivational speaker and poet who encourages opening the mind to new perspectives as the host of The Deep Dive, an enlightening podcast known for its authentic content cultivated by adhering to no rules. 

As an expert on the fundamentals of self-love, compassion, and mental well-being, Adam provokes these emotions within listeners by providing an engaging view of the world through his eyes, curated from examples and stories. He challenges traditional assumptions of success by sharing his own thoughts and interviewing individuals in promoting the concept that success is not merely WHAT you think, but HOW you think. 

Everyday Wellness  Cynthia Thurlow 

Cynthia Thurlow’s podcast, Everyday Wellness, gets real on nutrition and wellness, providing advice that goes against the grain of mainstream practices. The globally recognized expert on nutrition and intermittent fasting isn’t afraid to challenge popular opinions on health trends through the conversations she shares on her show.

Cynthia regularly interviews wellness professionals who are doing amazing things for their patients through alternative approaches, offering real-world evidence to back her disruptive content. The podcast host ensures that she provides her audience with a fresh perspective acquired from a “thinking outside of the box” mentality. 

Mindful Ways  Chad McMillan 

As the founder and host of Mindful Ways, Chad McMillan shares his perspectives on creative and conscious living for a better life.

Chad is an awoken venture capitalist, creative artist, and champion of conscious living with over 15 years of experience helping turn around start-ups and public companies from nearly every executive capacity. 

Today, Chad lends this conscious marriage of his abilities, experiences, and professional wisdom to aspiring creative artists and entrepreneurs looking to transform their own lives via The CM Brand, a conscious lifestyle portal showcasing new holistic tools and trends that can help power up their world. His podcast serves as a tool to deliver this information to his audience in an engaging manner, allowing listeners to expand their perspectives on who they are, and what is possible.

Okay Sis  Scout & Mady 

Scout & Mady are the sibling duo providing a remedy for the Monday blues with their podcast Okay Sis.

As hosts, the sisters provide comedic relief through their witty banter that raises current topics in society and culture, bringing on female guests to expand on their conversations and offer experience backed advice to audience members.

Real Chalk  Ryan Fischer 

As the official podcast of Chalk Performance Training, Real Chalk is a podcast hosted by Ryan Fischer intent on sharing an honest and open look into the world of fitness.

Real Chalk shares behind the scenes knowledge on entrepreneurship in the health and fitness scene and encouragement for audience members looking to build knowledge on nutrition and exercise through recommendations and opinions backed by experts. 

Entrepreneur Gains  Sabby Choudhary

Host Sabby Choudhary interviews Y-Combinator (YC) alumni in his podcast Entrepreneur Gains, uncovering the raw startup stories that preceded their entrepreneurial successes.

YC, one of the most recognized names in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, is an American seed money accelerator founded in 2005. To date, YC has been responsible for funding over 2000 startups including Airbnb, Reddit, DoorDash, and Twitch to name a few, boasting a combined portfolio valuation exceeding $100 billion. Sabby fuels conversations addressing the mistakes made and lessons learned throughout the startup journeys of select YC alumni, sharing with his audience an honest view into the startup world. 

How Are You Helping?  Sean Riley 

How Are You Helping? This is the question host Sean Riley inquires about to guests on his powerful podcast, digging deep into the work that numerous impact leaders are doing in making the world a better place. Sean provides a platform for the drivers behind the work of non-profit organizations and charities, leaders of youth movements, and founders of socially good businesses to share how they’re helping the world, inspiring the show’s audience to do the same. 

As a conscious humanitarian and former non-profit and public service professional, Sean began his podcast as a way to uncover the stories, psychology, and deeper layers behind meaningful work. Through musing upon the topics of compassion and generosity with guests, Sean uncovers ways listeners can insightfully implement the appropriate tools and habits to make a positive global impact. 

BEING  Patrick Cooke

On BEING, podcast host Patrick Cooke explores what it means to be human in the modern world through the lens of creativity, consciousness, and personal development.

Through authentic conversations with a wide array of guests including artists, intellectuals, scientists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, BEING strives to make collective sense of an increasingly complex world with the unifying goal of building a sustainable future for all. As humanity continues to march full steam toward extinction, we can no longer afford to ask ‘what is best for me?’, the question must now become ‘what is best for me and the whole simultaneously?’ 

GreenPlanet BluePlanet  Julian Guderley

Julian Guderley is responsible for expanding the way we view and interact with the planet through the inspiring interviews he shares on his podcast, GreenPlanet BluePlanet.

His engaging podcast episodes interview industry leaders in the planet’s regenerative movement, highlighting the most impactful drivers of environmental and social change today.

The Smart Woman Show  Tara Oldridge 

In recent years, studies have shown that women are making strides in the entrepreneurial realm, with female-founded businesses accounting for 42% of all American businesses in 2019 alone. Tara Oldridge is a female entrepreneur for female entrepreneurs and is responsible for driving this number.

As the host of The Smart Woman Show, Tara references her years of successful entrepreneurial experience in providing powerful advice to fellow female entrepreneurs about how to become more profitable and impactful.

Launch, Grow, and Scale Your Business  Sam Henderson

As the host of his podcast, Launch, Grow, and Scale Your Business, Sam Henderson draws upon the expertise, experience, and education of a team of Guest Gurus who have done it all before. Listeners get the chance to learn about the success-proven tactics, strategies, tips, and tools industry experts have used to Launch, Grow, and Scale their businesses. The mastermind-style podcast reduces the overwhelming chaos often associated with launching a business by providing helpful advice on how to create a sustainable game plan. Henderson inspires his audience to cultivate the focus required to achieve success for their business, regardless of the industry. 

Paper Planes Podcast  Telina To’o  

Telina To’o is the cacao over coffee, mama to Machi, former educator turned lifestyle junkie, and host of the Paper Planes Podcast. The very real and candid Australian draws on personal experiences in organically guiding her audience straight into when “sh*t hit the fan” while working towards personal and professional goals.

Unlike other self-help shows, which focus heavily on the success story, she intentionally challenges that by implementing her work backward approach, which promotes hitting rock bottom as being one of the richest experiences in life. 

The Pals Podcast  George Boutsalis & Ricky Liorti

Passion projects are what makes work worthwhile, and for George Boutsalis and Ricky Liorti The Pals Podcast was a passion project that turned into a popular profession. The duo started their podcast as a way to talk with friends about their interests in health & wellness, travel & adventure, entrepreneurship, sports, and much more.

The Pals continuously provide their audience with enjoyable conversations in every episode, covering a wide range of interesting topics sure to encourage first-time listeners to become full-time subscribers. 

University of Adversity  Lance Essihos

Lance Essihos advocates for the benefits of adversity in his podcast University of Adversity, encouraging his audience to view the onset of adversity not as an enemy attack, but rather a great ally.

Through connecting with guests who share their stories about overcoming life’s challenges, Lance draws attention to the importance of hitting rock bottom in order to achieve success. Every fall provides a learning lesson on how to get back up, and this lesson is something the University of Adversity educates its listeners on, ensuring the fall, though painful, will be worth it in the long run. 

The Appliance Workshop  Chris & Andrey Czupiel 

New immigrants entering the North American workforce are often met with the challenges of not knowing where to begin, how to make a business successful, and how to stand apart from others. This is something Chris Czupiel has experienced, and it’s what drives him and Andrey Czupiel to pull on their own knowledge in advising others on how to start their journey within the trades industry.

With Andrey being the founder and director of the Appliance Technical Institute of Canada, and Chris operating as the president of Toronto Appliances Service and Appliance Technical Institute of Canada, the duo share a wealth of knowledge and experience for anything appliance related.  

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