A 2.5 Years Kid gone through the Complex Liver Transplant Surgery


Prathima Hospitals had successfully completed the most complex Liver Transplant Surgery for a Two and half year kid. And that too, with minimal expenditure.

As the child’s parents were from a small village, and poor that they cannot afford the treatment (cost of $40865.88 i.e., 30 lakh rupees). They’ve tried many ways to get the treatment done for their kid, but they didn’t found anyway.

Later they approached the Prathima hospitals and explained the situation briefly. So, here doctors had decided to make a surgery for him with minimal costs and they’ve provided everything for free, including the hospital charges, and other medical staff.

Although the kid has an infrequent blood group, i.e., O- and it made even more challenging to find the way for surgery. Later the child’s father who stays in Dubai came to India for the surgery. Later, doctors had found that the blood group and liver matched with the child. So, they’ve taken 200 grams of the liver and transplanted to the child.

Now, they both are safe and got ready to discharge from the hospital with lots of smiles.

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