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Aaftab Bagarwa (born 29 January 2001) this name is trending in social media like Facebook and Instagram and his followers are increasing day by day. You must be searching about him then you are at the right place here we will be providing information like Aaftab bagarwa wiki, age, history, biography and also answers of questions.

Aaftab bagarwa also known as ‘Aaftabians fan base’, he is one of the first influencers from the city suratgarh rajasthan and Sri Ganganagar
He is an inspiration, not only for the youth of Rajasthan, but the whole country. Up to now, Aaftab has collaborated with over 100 brands, including the companies like Testy treat and Many others.

His success story started in the year 2016, when he moved his major account handle from Facebook to Instagram. It took him a years struggle to get a reach of ten thousand followers and the count hasn’t stopped increasing since then.

However, during the initial stage of his career, he did the pro bono work and also featured in Social Media advertisements. He went through the process of working with small brands to collaborating with Multinational Companies.
In 2018, Aaftab hit a career-peak, and collaborated with a major fast fashion brand, ‘Helo’.

But just like any other human being, His life has been filled with ups and downs as well. Aaftab has taken pride in his success and failures as stepping stones to his career, which is one of the reasons why he is a part of leading lifestyle influencers in the nation. He crossed a count of 100K followers on instagram this year and was nominated for ‘Bollywood LifeAwards 2020’ under the ‘Best Lifestyle Blogger’ category.

Aaftab bagarwa is an inspiration for all those people who are struggling who are still struggling to prove themselves. He stood against all odds and proved to be successful in a short span of time.
In the current scenario, Aaftab bagarwa is an iconic influencer, who aims to be different but also keeps inspiring people to do their best and not give up on things that matter to them.

He is the apt person in this modernizing world for influencing people with his strong communication skills. Quoting Aaftab bagarwa, he believes that, ‘The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.’

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