Aavesh Jilani’s Book on Dragon Programming Language has Published


Aavesh Jilani, creator of Dragon programming language and suasive has been published a book titled “Level Up Your Programming With Core Dragon”.

This book is now available on Amazon kindle as ebook. You can also download the book as pdf from this link.

The book has two parts. First part includes introduction and history of the Dragon language and second part includes modules with syntax and usage. Book has 17 chapters in total.

Dragon was created in 2018. It took 14 months to develop the first working version. There are already many programming languages developed in the present time, but some of them are difficult to learn. The basic requirement for a developer is to make software as per client’s need.

When someone uses other languages like Java, C#, and Python. He definitely requires an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop a GUI based application. This saves time but you cannot do the whole working using the shortcut. Meanwhile, to define the working of GUI components and some other sort of work requires their own logics and it takes a lot of lines code in these types of languages. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the errors in a program because of the difficult syntax of those programming languages.

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