Can you ever wonder that, how a middle class boy from a small village in Bihar can ace the fashion industry and took it by awe ? Well, this 21 year old boy is none other than Guddu Kumar, who is a fashion enthusiast and an aspiring blogger.

To talk about his early life, there was a time when he couldn’t even afford to buy new clothes and accessories to style himself, but now he has emerged out to be one of the greatest fashion influencers and inspiration in men’s fashion. But the passion for fashion compelled him to style himself with whatever he had no matter whether it were the clothes of his family members or even his mother’s saree! and flaunt them around. Taking inspiration from his uncle and brother he wandered at different places to make the ends meet. He moved to Kolkata, the city of joy and completed his education from there.

Gradually he got exposure to the world of blogging. He started following other popular bloggers and became a part of their communities, who in return supported him. Soon, Guddu was blessed with over 10k+ Instagram family which he considers his home away from home. Moreover, more than hundred celebrities along with fifty famous foreign personalities are in Guddu’s support all thanks to his aura. To date, Guddu Kumar has never received a negative comment about his work or personality. Also, Guddu has not involved himself in any undesired rumors or controversies which may ruin his career. He has managed applaudable professionalism to dodge anything which could start rumors and controversies about him. Also, he displays no interest in gaining popularity by associating these things. He is well aware of the fact that this is not yet end of his journey and he is still miles to go before he could sleep!

He is not only passionate about men’s fashion but also interested in blogging and outdoor photo shoots as a model. Therefore, he made up his mind for his next move as an influencer. Talking about his parents, Guddu says that he is blessed to have such supportive parents and lovely family who has helped him in taking his baby steps towards a bright future ahead. The destiny eventually landed Guddu to the fascinating world of social media. Since he is very compassionate about it, the strong community of already established models are ready to provide him a helping hand financially. Guddu, the man with a very impressive height of six feet is a man of magnificent personality. An adaptive learner, Guddu is a self-taught model who takes inspiration from social media and styles himself through the resources available to him.

Popular model Jubin Shah has been his constant source of motivation because of his fashion sense and his abilities to bond with his audience. His goal is to become a productive and unique influencer and reach heights by making his parents proud! So, if you believe in raw talent and support people who genuinely want to grow, go follow his Instagram to know more and see him grow!

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