Aditya Kodmur: The World’s Most Accurate Card Thrower


When it comes to card throwing, Aditya Kodmur is a name that commands attention. This Indian magician and Guinness World Records holder has made a name for himself with his incredible card throwing skills, which have earned him a reputation as the most accurate card thrower in the world. Kodmur has not only set two Guinness World Records for the most accurate card throwing, but he has also proven that he can throw an ordinary paper card farther, higher, and faster than anyone else in the world.Kodmur’s journey to becoming the world’s most accurate card thrower began when he was just a teenager.

He started practicing card throwing as a hobby and quickly discovered that he had a natural talent for it. He use to throw 12 decks a day on his terrace to practice for farthest throw of a playing card. As he continued to hone his skills, he began to experiment with different types of throws and techniques, eventually developing his signature style.One of Kodmur’s most impressive feats is his ability to throw a card with incredible accuracy.

In fact, he holds the Guinness World Record for the most accurate playing card throw, For throwing 117 playing cards into a horizontal target consecutively on 11 December 2021. This feat is particularly impressive when you consider that Kodmur had to throw cards without missing into a target, the previous record for this was 54 & that also earned his 2nd Guinness World Records title for most playing cards thrown into a target which is highest ever someone achieved in the history.But Kodmur’s talents don’t stop there. He has also set his personal records for the farthest playing card throw, throwing a card an incredible distance of 60 meters (196 feet 10 inches) in 2021. He also tested the record for the highest playing card throw, for throwing a card soaring 61 meters (200 feet 1 inches) into the air in 2021. And if that wasn’t enough, Kodmur has also set the record for the fastest playing card throw, sending a card flying at a speed of 241.4 km/h (150 mph) in 2019.Kodmur’s card throwing skills have not only earned him worldwide recognition but have also helped him to become a successful magician.

He posted videos on social media of his card throwing & magic, showcasing his incredible card throwing abilities and dazzling audiences with his magic tricks. He is known for his modern and innovative approach to magic, which combines his card throwing skills with illusions and sleight of hand.In addition to his performances, Kodmur also teaches card throwing to others. He has created a course that teaches students the techniques and skills necessary to become proficient at card throwing.

Kodmur believes that anyone can learn to throw a card accurately and hopes to inspire others to take up the hobby.In conclusion, Aditya Kodmur is an extraordinary individual with an exceptional talent for card throwing. His Guinness World Records attest to his incredible accuracy, speed, distance, and height in throwing cards. His innovative and modern approach to magic, combining his card throwing skills with illusions, has made him a standout in the world of magic. Aditya Kodmur is undoubtedly the world’s most accurate card thrower and an inspiration to anyone who wishes to master this unique and fascinating skill.

Aditya Kodmur holding his First Guinness World Records title holder certificate

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