Ahir Devesh : Rising Author and Writer in India


Ahir Devesh : Rising Author in India 18-year-old Devesh Yadav started as an author with his book ‘The lockdown – the Story of a family‘ named “Ahir Devesh”.  He wrote this book amidst the coronovirus epidemic lockdown.  This book belongs to a family and is also featured on Google Books.

Devesh has been fond of writing from a young age.  He became a poetry writer at the age of 16, gradually paving his way into a short poem and story.

During the pandemic lockdown, his arrogance and dedication to writing led him to write his first book.  His simple writing style and captivating plotline were particularly well-liked for this story.

While on the one hand people were   becoming unproductive and desperate under the influence of lockdown, on the other hand this young man’s determination enabled him to do something different.  He used his caliber and writing to become one of the youngest writers in India.  Devesh’s journey as a writer continues.  Just after his debut, he wrote another book which is going to be published soon.

Ahir Devesh justified the belief that anything can be achieved with talent and perseverance.  This book and the story behind it became an inspiration to many.  The youth should feel encouraged and learn that every person is capable of doing something special.

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Amazon Kindle: amazon.in/dp/B09176RDJK
Facebook : fb.com/ahirdevesh
Instagram : Instagram.com/ahir_devesh
Twitter : Twitter.com/ahir_devesh

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