Anup Pathade Journey from Entrepreneur to Musical Artist


This young boy Anup Pathade is role model for many youngsters in town

Anup pathade is well known and popular Indian musical artist , entrepreneur and digital marketer , influencer & internet personality and also owns a clothing company. He was born on 3 September  2000 to a rich family who lived in paithan.

At present, the young music artist is Anup Pathade came to the discussion through the song “Peace”.
His songs have already received a great response on many platforms. I’m trying to do something extraordinary , marvelous ” said Anup Pathade.

Young originator Anup Pathade currently spends most of his time with the music and digital marking.  He also received the official artist channel verification on many platforms. I’m trying to branch out ,” said Anup Pathade. More work is going on.

Anup pathade said, he started his music journey in 2017 . Not the epidemic in the country has become a permanent problem in corona, in which  it is not possible to work outside the home “Anup Pathade ” .
He is also doing music cover as well .

“I always dreamed big; and i achived it”

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