Arya Tyagi – the young ethical hacker of India


Arya Tyagi is a name that has already raised a lot of eyebrows in the ethical hackers’ community. Just like most of the anonymous seers of the secret dark web, most of Arya’s tricks are incognito too. Perhaps that is the strict protocol followed by the association of budding and proficient hackers.

Born in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh on the 28th September 2003, Arya Tyagi, 17, has already earned himself a reputation. “The passion and the spark I saw in myself a few years ago has made me the person I am today,” he says.

The ambitious and competitive spirit sparked in his young soul early. He was only a student of class 10 and already a national Athletics player. “Physical fitness and sports was my main obligation then,” he remembers and adds,” I cherished defeating fellow players in the various sports events.”

He embarked on a journey of ethical hacking when he was in class 11, and there has been no looking back ever since. He knew he had the spark in him to chase his dreams.

That is what he is doing till today. He was a certified Microsoft moral hacker even before he reached class 12. The petty things that began as time pass and fun now turned to severe and somber notch.

Mr. Hacker is currently pursuing CMA and is doing well in it. The idea of helping the country as a proficient cyber-security researcher fascinates him the most.

Presently, he is working with government groups. He is being hired by them regularly for over 12 months. They are content with his skill and appoint him for the official tasks day after day. His honesty, confidence, courage, and sincerity also work in his favor. Being a white hat and cybersecurity specialist, he supposes he can help India in an immeasurable way.

Arya Tyagi is also a putative social media consultant and a plausible social media influencer. He has promoted several brands that include pharmacy giants like Dabur and tech stars like Rapido. “Right company can do wonders,” he says.

He targets to be a full-time and professional ethical hacker, making it big as a social media (especially Instagram) influencer and gaining pinnacle positions in academics. With age on his side, confidence in his soul, and courage in his heart, he has a long way to go.

Connect with him on Instagram: @tyagi.arya

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