Ashish Sonkar a Self-made Actor shows his talent in the short film ‘RiP Humanity’


Ashish Sonkar although started his career in modeling but he is a self-made man when it comes to short films. He hails from Mumbai where he was born and brought up in Mumbai and did his schooling and college from the Maximum City completing his graduation in Mass Media.

He has remained active in stage shows and theatres, all thanks to his quest for acting, he had decided to be an actor long before he started taking life seriously. Thus when he completed his education, he started his struggle to become an actor.

Ashish Sonkar is a famous, young, talented, mind-blowing actor and model. He is one of the top short film actors. He is well known for his adorable looks, style, dressing, and marvelous personality.

He got numerous awards for his superb acting style and excellent expressions. The short film Rip Humanity is one of the best short films. Ashish plays a  leading role in this short film. AThis short film RIP HUMANITY shows how financial issues, selfish attitudes, rude behavior, and fake love destroy someone’s life.

ashish sonkar
Ashish Sonkar

In RIP Humanity we see how due to financial crises a young boy lost his life, he asked everybody for help but nobody was helping him even nobody was returning his own money which he gave as a loan to his friends.

He had nothing to eat. He didn’t have a single penny in his pocket and he couldn’t go back to his home because with an empty pocket how can he buys the ticket and he got so much disappointed and commits suicide.

Where this play shows how the world is so cruel and it becomes difficult for good, honest and innocent souls to survive in such circumstances it also reflects the present current financial issues, crises, and difficulties which people are facing during Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nobody can deny the fact that financial crises cause severe depression and disappointment. Only those who have Government jobs are tensions free rest everybody is facing issues these days. This Pandemic didn’t affect only the lower class, It has also affected the middle class even they cant earn their bread and butter because of this situation.

This play shows our social issues and teaches nobody helps in such hard times but he helped his girlfriend and gave all of his money to her in the movie, but as he needed money she even didn’t give any response.

This play shows that it is hard to find sincere people nowadays. During such situations, people become selfish and iron-hearted. Nobody cares for anyone. We need such short films which can point out the issues of our society. Plays like RIP HUMANITY give us a moral lesson. Ashish perfectly did his role in this short film, as he always pays his role very well and his character brings life to the play that’s the reason it always attracts the audience’s attention towards his play.

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