Bihari Boy Naveen Singh Become Famous Social Media Influencer


Naveen Singh who is Popularly Known as Bihari Ladka (18 Years) is an Indian content creator, a dancer, and a storyteller. He is known as one of the most Genuine content creators for providing relatable content through his videos on Instagram and youtube.

Brought up in middle class family in Ghaziabad, Studied in Class 12th, he says “my father always says, humari soch kabhi middle class wali nahi honi chahiye, Agar hum Udne ka hi nahi sochenge toh udne ki koshish hi kaise kar paayenge”

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His Journey Began on Social Media With (the former version of tiktok) where he uploads His dance Videos ocassionaly. Then he started uploading videos regularly on tiktok. Where he got so much love and appreciation from the fellow creators as well. He started creating Dadi pota videos with his grandmother which got viral. And people started loving this duo very fast. People could relate to my content. That’s what made it successful.

The turning point , says Naveen. I was made a lipsync video on DOPE SHOPE song by Honey Singh with my Grandmother and that video got viral. After this I was at some place where some random people come and said “You are Bihari ladka?” and that’s the first time I realize I was doing something right.

His Family, he says, In my family my elder brother, grandmother and mother is there. They are very supporting, My family always says “Jo kar raha hai bas acche se kar, and don’t make anything which embrassing or cant be watched by everyone.” But haa focus on studies. He smiled.

On Fame, He says – Once somewhere I read “Bulandio par pahuchna koi kamal nahi, bulandio par thehrna kamal hota hai” At the end of they day, you have to comeback to your family and sit with your friends. You may get a lot of compliments online, but their honest opinions. Its your family who keeps you sane and focused.

Connect Through Instagram: @birahiladka

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