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Hiten Tank A Down to Earth Actor from Sikar, Rajasthan

Hiten Tank down to earth personality, born in a middle class family, having 10 brothers and sisters, in which 9th was Hiten. His father used to buy clothes from the market and go to villages of Rajasthan to sell which is preferred by Jat and Rajput womens. When Hiten grew up a little, his father also kept Hiten with him.

Distance from one village to another was far away which we had to complete on foot, after all I was not born for that work. I salute my father’s courage and greatness and my mother who manages fooding of 10 child as well as guests spending in that little money.

Early life & family background

Hiten loved speaking dialogues since his school time He used to mimic some artists, but I felt that I would be a Mimicry Artist, So I preferred to focus on theater.

Hiten belong to small district Sikar there were not enough opportunities, hardly 1 or 2 shows in a year and are too unprofessional. So I felt that if I have to establish myself on this line, then I have to go to a place where I can improve myself.

After result of class 10th Hiten got admission in a school in Jaipur for better opportunities, and shifted to a rented house in the old township of Jaipur.

Then Hiten passed 10th but could not get good numbers in school but in theater He had made his place as an artist. Hiten played an important role in one of the plays with the biggest directors of Jaipur and He was also getting all the directorial work at Ravindramanch in Jaipur’s Ramnivas Bagh, His daily routine was going well 7 to 12 schools, then 12 to 5, part time job in a gas company.

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Hiten was part of many dramas at Ravindramanch and Jawahar Kala Kendra like Aashaad Ka Ek Din, Mahabhoja, Teen Tappar, Rangeili Bhagmati, Khejdi Ki Beti, Damad Ek Khoj, Harilal & Sons, Dudha, Agni Pariksha, Udhar Ka Pati, Kanjus, Ek Tha Gadha and much more. Hiten made himself believe that He is an artist and he proved this to the audience.

Struggle in Mumbai

With the time his spending become higher and out of his budget, then one of his Friend suggested to go Shri Ramcenter, Delhi as they also give for theatre. But Hiten was not selected due to his incomplete education. Then his previous director Sabir Khan suggested him to go to Mumbai rather than any small theatre group. and then Hiten came to Mumbai with Rs 350 in his pocket.

Hiten got some work after a few years of struggle in Mumbai. He accepted all small and big opportunities. Hiten has done more than 300 TV serials, 10 movies and more than 5 Rajasthani films and some web series till now.

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