Sunil Butolia’s advice to PM: ‘Lockdown no solution to beat coronavirus’


India’s popular digital marketer Sunil Butolia advised central government to tests more. If the government had taken it seriously even at that time, then the corona virus would not have caused so much destruction in the country.

Sunil Butolia wrote in the tweet that India should not just rely on lockdown, lockdown is not a solution to the problem, the lockdown gives the government only some time to think. Government should utilize this period by finding corona infected people and keep them away from healthy people.

What distinguishes them from other people. So that infected people cannot infect healthy people.

But Indian government, Indian media and Indian public are also different from all over the world. They see and react to everything from a different perspective that is the main problem.

This is the reason why the government did not pay any attention even when Rahul Gandhi warned Indian government on February 12 and a statement was made on behalf of the government that everything is fine, everything is under control. Not only this, the government has brough thousands of Indians living in foreign countries most of them were corona infected and now causing trouble for Indians.