After winning state cup Charbel taking game to next level


In Lebanon, raw talent is underappreciated. Whether you’re an athlete, scientist, musician, or a simple guy who wants to succeed in life, Lebanon is not your A destination. As for Charbel Daoud greener pastures in the United States were enough to lure him.

At 19 years old, Charbel stands at 6 feet 2 tall and plays as a combo point-shooting guard. He is part of the intramural at Arizona State University Basketball. Daoud was vital in clinching many of the Ws. He can run the floor nicely, drive the lane and thread the ball just as efficiently, and most importantly HE CAN SHOOT.

Daoud has been averaging 23 ppg and 8 ast pg, hitting 5 3 points a game. Most of his skills may have been developed initially in Lebanon as he has previously played with Champville. But now, he is taking his game to another level. After winning State Cup while playing on varsity as a freshman in Miami, Daoud hopes he can add more silverware to his list of accolades.

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