Dr. Romila Chitturi – the award winning literary star


Author of 14 books, co-author of 40 anthologies, Editor, and Conceptualiser of 2 full-length novels – Dr. Romila Chitturi is well-known multiple award-winning personalities in the literary circles today. She is one of the favorite poetesses of Instagram. Born in Delhi ( on 12 November) and now settled in Hyderabad, she owns and publishes a digital literary magazine Unicorn – which has gone global now with readership spread among continents. She has been writing since 1996. She doesn’t think she will ever give up journalism completely as she has a nice balance between writing pieces and books. She loves the independence in her work—both in the physical sense and mental way of being where she wants, when she wants, and being able to choose the kind of work she would invest her time in. She likes that she can work 12-15hours together if required and then take 1-2 days off only she likes. She loves there are no set of rules to follow as she is the boss herself.

Writing is a very sedentary activity and she takes really good care of her health. She walks, runs and jogs almost 3-4 times a week for 1.5hours which helps her to maintain her fitness. Her saving grace is that she does not smoke or eat unhealthy food. She has deadlines from other editors as she writes for multiple publications and she also has self-imposed deadlines from herself. She doesn’t like working weekends; but if she doesn’t meet the deadlines, she must. So, she tries and gets started on things when she can.

Apart from writing she loves reading, playing bowling alley, watching movies, sipping coffee in her balcony, talking to her friends, clicking selfies, travelling, shopping and making happy memories in her life.

She is a very friendly person and you can follow her on Instagram @thenovemberschild – to read her poems, know her achievements and also buy her books.

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