Dragon, A New Programming Language Developed by An Indian


Aavesh Jilani is an Indian programmer and creator of the Dragon programming language.

Dragon is a dynamic programming language. It was created in the year 2018. It is a multi-paradigm language and also is a cross-platform programming language.

It supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, etc. environments. Dragon can be used for Console and Desktop applications development.

There are 2 types of Dragon language. One is Dragon JVM and another one is Dragon native. The first version works over JVM and Native version works over LLVM.

Dragon has an easy syntax. It uses a structural format. Semicolon doesn’t require on Dragon code but it can also work with that.

Also, the parentheses are not necessary for loops and conditional statements. Many programmers have admired the Dragon.

Example of Hello World

showln “Hello World”

Function example

func my(){
showln “Function works”

Class and constructor example

class test()
func test(){
showln “This is constructor inside class”

t = new test()

Official website of Dragon

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