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The Dropout Media’s series potrays the real life shits happening around the world with every individual. This webseries had been totally dedicated to our Frontliners working for us such as Doctors, Scientists , Police & BMC, Government Officers.The every work of this series had been done staying indoors, without breeching the STAY HOME POLICY. This series is a mixture of Information and Entertainment, to educate our people in an entertaining way.

This initiative has been taken by Dropout Media to create alertness amongs the people about the situation and to make aware of their happenings in the surrounding.It’s an initiative to spread positivity and eradicate negativity from the mind of people in this tough times.
This series will be releasing soon on Hungama Play and one can also watch it on MX Player, Vodafone Play etc.

The podcast marketing has also been done for this series by HUBHOPPER ORIGINALS on all audio platforms such as Spotify, Saavn, Radio Platforms etc. This series has been backbone supported by Northern Lights Ent.

The starcast in this series have provided a great response and supported the same. It has total 10 episodes , whereas 5 in Season 1 & 5 eps in Season 2. The actors in it are –

Paras Tomar, Pratyaksh Rajbhatt , Sachin Vashist , Reecha Sinha , Tejas Bane, Falak Shaikh, Jinal Joshi, Siddhi Patne, Ninad Limaye & Rushabh Gaikwad,

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Which are already known faces in the industry have came forward to support this

Every project has its own team, without whom the project will be impossible. This series will be the result of great efforts of the Dropout Team Members.

  • Director – Shubham Dolas
  • Writers -Prince Sharma, Piyush Chavan & Jordan.
  • Editors – Bhavesh Thakur,Prashant Kadam & Hardik Ranavshe.
  • Publicity Designs – Ganesh Nagwe, Shirish Kumar & Anubhav Singh
  • Background Music – Aniruddha Nimkar & Batty
  • Casting Director & Production Manager – Saurabh Sharma aka Prince who holds up everyone throughout the project.
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The official teaser is out now on their Instagram page

Wait for the Series to Release
Till then,
Stay Home , Stay Safe,
Stay Tuned , Stay Connected.

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