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Fame Faiella on the rise from 239 to International Artist


Colin ” Fame” Faiella is an Artist, Rapper, DJ, Producer, beat maker, and graphic designer. He was born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida. Fame has been around music throughout his life.

He went from performing in talent shows and dancing with his high school hip-hop team, to performing at venues around the U.S. with numerous musical icons.

He is the protégé of the late Fresh Kid Ice co-founder of the legendary 2 Live Crew, and released digitally some of his early singles on his label Chinaman Records. Specializing in Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, and Top 40 music, Fame continues to perform nationwide and releases music on a regular basis.

Fame Faiella has recently collaborated with The Fish House, x Kaoru x Mylo on Worldwide Bass House Collab Break Necks and it is on the rise to 1 million streams you can look out for his upcoming Debut EP.

In 2022 and a collaboration project with Keen Perception and many more these projects are going to get people dancing and remember what its like to just let go and live Life.

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