Famepedia launches it’s own news publishing portal


Sunil Butolia relaunches Famepedia a Wikipedia-like website on 8th November and now it’s ready to be the next Encyclopedia website. Famepedia was created on 18th July 2019 and now relaunched as an alternative to Wikipedia with lots of news features.

Since Wikipedia’s article is very tough to create therefore Famepedia will be the best option, also supports custom Schema Markups which are very helpful to achieve Google’s Knowledge Panel.

Sunil Butolia says “I always wanted a website where people can easily create their profile page which can help them to achieve Google knowledge panel”.

Recently Sunil Butolia made it possible to publish news articles and interviews on Famepedia which is really a good feature, and helpful for young & talented people to get featured for free of cost.

Famepedia helps professionals from the entertainment industry reach their audience. It is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content.

You can connect with Famepedia to create awareness about upcoming movies, celebrate milestones, connect with fans, and update your pages.

Features & advantages

Famepedia is backed with MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia. It is Free of charge and doesn’t show ads. There is friendly volunteer community support, open to your requests, and has VisualEditor support useful for those who don’t know to code.

You can put custom Schema Markups for people and organizations which is a great feature that can help you achieve the knowledge panel on the Google search results page.

Sunil Butolia launched Famepedia on 18th July 2019 to provide a better alternative to Wikipedia and Wikidata and set the slogan “ Create the Fortune “. Famepedia is a dot-com company owned by FAME Internet, headquartered in New Delhi, India.

History of Famepedia

In 2018 finally, Sunil Butolia developed his own knowledge panel and this process taught him many interesting things that are required to have a knowledge panel up ie: Schema MarkupMicrodata, and Structured Data.

Sunil Butolia has created Wikipedia articles for politicians and sportspersons from his community to technically support them.

He felt the requirement of Wikipedia alternative and in 2019, he decided to create his own Wiki website where biographical articles can be created to support talented artists, actors, and influencers.

He developed Famepedia on 18th July 2019. In starting, Famepedia was generating only basic hCard Metadata and it needs to be upgraded.

On 16th October 2020, Sunil Butolia has successfully implemented fully customizable Schema Markups into Famepedia and made the platform powerful as Wikidata. Now all types of Schema Markups can be added to Famepedia as per the requirements of the user.

About Famepedia

Famepedia is India’s largest free encyclopedia was founded by Sunil Butolia in July 2019 to provide a better alternative to Wikipedia to support talented artists, content creators, and influencers.