Meet Janelle Kao AKA “Freya Fox”, LGBT Pro Gamer


Gaming Streamers are the rising stars of the Internet, some making millions of dollars per year. With recent multi-million dollar exclusive streaming deals like with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins deal with Mixer, it’s no wonder that interest in gaming as a career has exploded.

We talked to Freya Fox one of the first few Facebook Gaming Partners on how she and other streamers make a full time living playing video games

So how exactly does this all work?

Well, gamers have always loved gaming and being part of a niche community, and now with the advent of streaming games that brings it to a whole new level of community and interaction

Why do people watch you play Video Games Freya?

For me personally I’ve been told it’s my high energy, sweet personality, and my singing voice since I play a variety of games but I also sing during it. I offer a live stream that few ever attempt. Sometimes I sing to my fans when they donate or suggest a topic.

How do people make money playing video games? 

It depends, but the most common way is through donations, paid subscriptions , and sponsorships by brands. With donations it’s straight forward, people can tip you via Streamlabs or Steamelements through Paypal, or other methods as a way to support you. 

Another popular way is through subscriptions, on Facebook they’re called Supporters and they are a monthly paid subscription to us the streamer. On Twitch they’re known as Subs and they include Twitch Prime which is Amazon Prime’s free subscription to a streamer, and also a normal set of paid tiers. 

Lastly there’s sponsorship which for some streamers is the bulk of their income. It works just like any other influencer or athlete, we endorse products or services in exchange for compensation. 

How much money can you make playing video games ?

If you get into streaming with the goal of becoming rich overnight you will be so disappointed. Most people can earn better wages by working a retail job. 

However if you’re dedicated and maybe a little bit of luck, you can earn thousands per month, and some top earners like Ninja are earning millions per month. 

What’s your number one tip for new streamers?

Be consistent and know your brand from day one. You only have one chance to make a first impression even if you think nobody is watching. I guarantee you someone is watching and if within 5 seconds they can’t determine who you are and why you’re unique, they will scroll or exit away to watch someone else . 

Be instantly communicable and always be talking because you never know who will drop by and lurk without commenting in the chat. 

Thanks Freya Fox for the interview on How to Make Money Playing Video Games! 

If you want to find out more about Freya Fox head over to @freyafoxtv on Social Media.

She’s always available via her Instagram @freyafoxtv and her live streams on Facebook Gaming

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